Paraid Pregnancy Test Faint Line

You got the Paraid Pregnancy Test for a good price. Now, you’ve taken the test and have a faint line. What does it mean? Continue reading to learn all about your Paraid Pregnancy Test faint line.

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Continue reading to learn more about faint lines and pregnancy test results.

Paraid Pregnancy Test faint line

Did you read the directions for your pregnancy test? If not, do so before performing the test. By understanding the process beforehand, you have a better chance for getting an accurate result.

For example:

  • Never use an expired pregnancy test.
  • Never attempt to reuse a pregnancy test.
  • Keep your pregnancy test on a flat, dry surface.
  • Only apply 2 to 3 drops of urine to the “T” area of the test.
  • Never read your results after 5 minutes.
  • Don’t feel alarmed by a faint line.

Your pregnancy test contains a test strip that’s designed to react to urine, in general, and HCG specifcally.

A pink line in the “C” (Control) section of your test indicates a valid result. The intensity of the line doesn’t make a difference.

Similarly, a pink line in the “T” (Test) section of your test represents a positive result. You’re pregnant. Even a faint line is a valid result.

Why do I see a pregnancy test faint line?

You may have a faint line for one or more reasons such as:

  • Your HCG level is borderline.
  • Variations in the manufacturing process.

The important thing to know is that a faint line is a line. Therefore, you can use it to help determine whether you’re pregnant.

Paraid Pregnancy Test faint line FAQ

What does a Paraid Pregnancy Test faint line mean?

When you say, “Paraid,” you’re probably talking about the Para-Aid Pregnancy Test. With this and most other pregnancy tests, a faint line in the “Result” section of the test indicates a positive result (assuming you also have a line in the “Control” section of the test.

In some cases, you might just barely have enough hCG in your urine to confirm a pregnancy at the unit’s rated sensitivity.

Other times, variations in the test’s built-in test strip may cause the intensity of the line to vary.

CPG-Health doesn’t provide medical advice. If you have questions about your pregnancy or your pregnancy test results, contact your doctor or similar healthcare professional.

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