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At CPG Health, you’ll learn all about pregnancy tests and more. We’ll take you behind the scenes to show you what each product looks like. You’ll find out what the FDA says about your favorite pregnancy tests.

We’ll also help you understand the basic parameters for shopping for a pregnancy test:


How responsive is a pregnancy test to the hCG pregnancy hormone in your urine? Some tests have a higher sensitivity rating, allowing you to test earlier. However, testing early almost always increases your risk of receiving an inaccurate result.


Most pregnancy tests are over 99 percent accurate from the first day of your expected period. However, if you test early, you increase your chance for getting a false result.


By following the pregnancy test instructions that come with the device you buy, you increase the possibility of receiving an accurate result.


Right now, you have access to two types of Pregnancy Test:

An in-stream pregnancy test is a test stick with an absorbent test strip at its tip. This lets you insert the test into your urine stream.

A pregnancy test cassette comes with a dropper. You must collect a urine sample in a clean cup and then use the dropper to apply your urine to the test strip.


How much do pregnancy tests cost? We’ll help you find out how much to expect to pay for your pregnancy test. We’ll also help you understand why low-cost pregnancy tests often out-perform their more-expensive counterparts.