PARA-AID Pregnancy Test

ParAid Pregnancy Test mIU

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What is the ParAid Pregnancy Test mIU?

The mIU for this test is an hCG concentration of 25 mIU/ml urine. hCG levels below 25 mIU/ml will not reliably produce a positive test result.

The ParAid Pregnancy Test is actually the Para-Aid Pregnancy Test, by MCURE Health Solutions, Inc. The confusion over the name arises by MCURE’s logo which reads “ParAid,” not “Para-Aid.” Paraid Para-Aid Pregnancy Test logo.

Why does McCure Health Solutions, Inc. use a logo that reads “ParAid” for its Para-Aid Pregnancy Test?

In our opinion, MCURE Health Solutions blundered when its marketing department chose to use a logo that doesn’t accurately represent the product it represents.

However, if you closely examine the logo, the second “A” is purple and outlined in red, connecting the “Para” with the “Aid.” Unfortunately, most people can’t detect this at first glance.

How do you know that ParAid is actually “Para-Aid”?

If you read the product’s packaging, it identifies the test’s brand as “Para-Aid.” It's "Para-Aid," not "ParAid."

How can I buy the Paraid Pregnancy Test?

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