Publix Pregnancy Tests 2024

You have ready access to home pregnancy tests. For example, you can pick up a pregnancy test while you shop for groceries. The CPG Health team visited Publix to answer your question, what Publix pregnancy tests can I buy?

Publix Pregnancy Tests 2024

You can find the following pregnancy tests while shopping at Publix.

First Response Test & Confirm.

Two pregnancy tests, one analog, and one digital. $12.99

First Response Comfort Check

Get 8 pregnancy tests in one package. Box contains 3 Early Result tests and 5 pregnancy test strips. $17.99

First Response Early Result

Package contains 3 First Response Early Result pregnancy tests. $14.99

First Response Rapid Result

Get results in one minute with this two-pack. $12.99

First Response Triple Check

Get peace of mind with the ability to check 3 times for pregnancy. $14.99

First Response Digital

Get a two-pack of this popular pregnancy test. $17.99

Clearblue Early Ovulation Kit

Contains 10 ovulation tests and one Clearblue Early Result Pregnancy Test. $16.99

Clearblue Early Detection

Two Clearblue Early Result Pregnancy Tests for $10.49.

Get a 3-pack of the same test for $12.99

Publix One Step Pregnancy Test

Two analog pregnancy tests under the Publix brand for $7.99

Clearblue Rapid & Digital

One Clearblue Digital and one Rapid Pregnancy Test. $10.99

Clearblue Early Digital Pregnancy Test

A two-pack of Clearblue’s popular digital pregnancy test. $12.49

Clearblue Rapid Detection

A package of two Clearblue Rapid Detection pregnancy tests. $10.49

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