Why you need the EPT Pregnancy Test

Did you make a mistake? Do you want to start a family? Either way, you want to know now. Right? Buy the EPT pregnancy test. Continue reading and you’ll learn why you need the EPT Pregnancy Test.

You need to know the following information to make an intelligent buying decision. Here, you will learn everything about the EPT pregnancy test, including its features and directions for use. You will also view and download EPT pregnancy test directions.

Why you need the EPT Pregnancy Test

EPT pregnancy test features

Buy the EPT pregnancy test from CPG Health to get fast and free shipping. When you do, you get all the benefits of this nationally marketed pregnancy test brand:

– Over 99% accurate. Read on to get vital details about this feature.

– Get results up to 5 days sooner. Scroll down for important disclaimer.

– Convenient multi-pack lets you test more than once.

Questions and Answers

You asked us questions about the EPT pregnancy test, so we’ve answered them for you. Keep reading after the Q&A to learn more about this product.

Can I read EPT Pregnancy Test Instructions before I buy?

Yes. You can download EPT Pregnancy Test instructions in English here.

You can download EPT Test directions in Spanish here.

How early can you take a EPT pregnancy test?

You can use the EPT pregnancy test as early as five days before the start of your expected period. Of course, if you test early, your results are less accurate. Continue reading for details.

How accurate is the EPT test?

The EPT pregnancy test is 99% accurate from the day of your expected period. You can use the test earlier, but when you do, you sacrifice accuracy. Either keep reading or scroll down to learn more about this important fact.

How accurate are EPT pregnancy tests?

As noted above, the EPT test is 99-percent accurate on the first day of your expected period. Testing earlier might give you an EPT pregnancy test positive, but the reduced accuracy means that you should retest in the event of a negative result.

What if I get a very faint positive pregnancy test EPT?

Thanks to digital technology, you no longer need to worry about a very faint positive pregnancy test EPT. With some tests, you might have difficulty trying to tell if a line is a false positive evaporation line or a genuine positive result. The EPT digital pregnancy test is different. The test stick has an unmistakable “pregnant” or “not pregnant” readout, so there’s zero guesswork involved.

What is a EPT test?

EPT is a nationally marketed pregnancy test brand. It claims to be the #1 OB-GYN recommended in-home pregnancy test. Products such as EPT test pregnancy by measuring the amount of the hCG pregnancy hormone found in your urine.

When can I take an EPT pregnancy test?

Aside from the question, “What is a EPT test?”, the most common question we get asked about the EPT pregnancy test is, “When can I take an EPT pregnancy test?”. You can take the EPT pregnancy test any time you think you might be pregnant. Of course, the timing of your test has a direct effect on the accuracy of the result you get. If you, for example, take the pregnancy test immediately after having unprotected sex, you will get a negative result (unless you happen to have earlier become pregnant).

The EPT pregnancy test measures the amount of hCG pregnancy hormone that is present in your urine. After conception, the body takes several weeks to build-up an hCG level that is consistent with pregnancy. Also, normal hCG levels vary among women, so it takes a high level of the hormone to provide a conclusive result. For that reason, you probably cannot expect to get an accurate pregnancy test result until either two weeks after conception or four days before the start of your expected period.

How soon can you do an EPT test?

You can use a pregnancy test EPT at any time. To improve your chances of getting an accurate result, however, you should wait at least two weeks after possible conception or four days before your expected period. Although the EPT pregnancy test package says that you can test up to five days sooner, you should read the disclaimer printed elsewhere on the box: Testing early for pregnancy decreases the accuracy of your test result.

The EPT pregnancy test is 99-percent accurate on the day of your expected period. To get an accurate earlier result, visit your doctor to discuss options. Generally speaking, an hCG-based test such as EPT becomes more accurate as time passes.

Clinical Results with Early Pregnancy Samples
Number of days before expected periodPercentage of women who got a “pregnant” result with the EPT pregnancy test

How does an EPT pregnancy test work?

The EPT pregnancy test works just like most home-based pregnancy tests: It measures the level of the hCG hormone that is present in your urine. Some medical conditions can cause either a high or low level of hCG, causing you to have a false result. Also, some women have either higher or lower hCG levels than average, so they cannot get a dependable result. Still, for most women, the EPT pregnancy test is a convenient and inexpensive way to check for pregnancy.

Note: You will always get the most accurate pregnancy test result by testing on the day of your expected period (or later).

EPT pregnancy test directions

To use the EPT pregnancy test, follow a few simple steps:

1.  Remove the test from its sealed foil packet.

2. Remove the cap from the end of the stick to expose the absorbent tip.

3. Pointing the test downward, insert the absorbent tip into your urine stream for five seconds.

4. Put the cap back on the test and lay the test stick on a flat surface.

5.  Wait 2 minutes and then read your test result.

EPT Pregnancy Test Easy to Read Results.
E.P.T. Easy to Read Results

Can antibiotics affect the results of a pregnancy test?

In most cases, antibiotics will not affect your EPT test results. Other factors that should not affect your results include birth control pills, hormone therapies, and pain killers.

Keep in mind, however, that some drugs can affect your results, so talk with your doctor if you have any questions or concerns.

EPT pregnancy test reviews

The following EPT pregnancy test reviews were sent to us by our readers and subscribers. Remember: Your experience with the EPT early pregnancy test may differ from those described in the reviews.

EPT early pregnancy test – More information

You want to get accurate results from your EPT Pregnancy Test. Right? To do this, read the entire product package and the instructional insert before you attempt the test.

If you have questions about how to use the EPT Pregnancy Test, call the phone number listed on the product directions. You should contact your doctor if you have any concerns about your health, including your pregnancy.

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