Why is my New Choice Plus Pregnancy Test positive after time limit?

Nobody likes false positives. You get so emotional, and then you find out your pregnancy test result was wrong. You feel unnerved whenever you see a positive result. You might have had a negative result and then, later, after time passed, it turned positive. You’re asking, “Why is my New Choice Pregnancy Test positive after time limit?” Continue reading to find out.

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Why is my New Choice Pregnancy Test positive after time limit?

You should always read the directions that come with your pregnancy test. New Choice Pregnancy Test instructions say,

Read test results after 2 minutes. Do not read test results after 10 minutes.”

New Choice Pregnancy Test directions

If you leave your New Choice One Step Pregnancy Test sitting too long, it may turn into a false positive. Avoid this by promptly discarding your test stick after precisely following the instructions that came with your test.

Why does the New Choice Pregnancy Test time limit matter?

The manufacturer designed your pregnancy test to absorb a certain amount of urine in a particular amount of time. The test strip inside your test cassette reacts with the HCG pregnancy hormone in your urine and will turn pink, displaying a pink line, if you have 25 mIU/ml or more human chorionic gonadotropin.

Additional time gives your test strip a chance to absorb more urine and, therefore, more HCG. Knowing this, the distributor of the New Choice Pregnancy Test stipulates that no result is valid ten minutes or more after you performed your pregnancy test.

Why is my New Choice Pregnancy Test positive after time limit?

Most likely, your test had too much time to react with the HCG in your urine. Now, you have an invalid result.

Repeat the test with a brand new (fresh) New Choice Pregnancy Test.

I have more questions about my pregnancy and my test result. What should I do?

Contact a doctor or similar qualified health professional to discuss every concern about your pregnancy, pregnancy test results, and health. CPG Health does not provide medical advice.

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