When Might I Get a Pregnancy Test Positive?

An at-home pregnancy test might show a positive result as early as ten days after conception. However, for a more accurate result, wait until after your menstruation period to take the test. Remember, if you test too early, you might get a false-negative even if you are expecting.

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Why Does it Take 10 Days or More to Get a Pregnancy Test Positive?

HCG takes time to accumulate in your body. The amount produced during the early weeks of pregnancy increases each day. With time, the concentration of HCG in your body increases, which increases the likelihood of a positive pregnancy test. If you take a test too soon, you may get a negative result.

How do In-Home Pregnancy Tests Work?

Most over the counter (OTC) pregnancy tests work the same way. This includes pregnancy test strips and pregnancy test strips.

Pregnancy Test Strips

To use a pregnancy test strip, you’ll need a urine sample and a dropper. You’ll place some urine on the strip. Next, you’ll wait for a short while and check your result. Refer to your pregnancy test’s instructions for exact details.

Pregnancy Test Sticks

Pregnancy test sticks work by inserting the tip of the stick into your urine stream. Afterward, you’ll need to place the stick on a flat surface and wait for the specified time.Follow your pregnancy test’s directions to get the best result.

Pregnancy Test Cassettes

Get a pregnancy test cassette such as the Dollar General Pregnancy Test to get a best of both worlds. You’ll still need a dropper, but a plastic case encloses the pregnancy test strip. You’ll place drops of urine in the pregnancy test window and then wait. Again, you’ll need to read the instructions that come with your pregnancy test to get accurate results.

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