What’s inside the Para-Aid Pregnancy Test package?

Sensible women shop with value in mind. For this reason, you want to know what you get for the price of a Paraid Pregnancy Test. Continue reading. You’ll find the answer to many of your questions, including “What’s inside the Para-Aid Pregnancy Test package?”

First, we need to explain why we sometimes call this product “Para-Aid” and sometimes we call it “Paraid.”

Officially, the name of this pregnancy test is “Para-Aid” Pregnancy Test. Many people, however, misread the logo, and, consequently, call this the “Paraid Pregnancy Test.”

We use both terms in our published material to ensure that everyone can find essential information about the product.

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What’s inside the Para-Aid Pregnancy Test?

When you see the Paraid Pregnancy Test at Dollar General or another store, you wonder what’s inside. You like the budget-friendly price, but will this pregnancy test do the job for you?

Open the Paraid box

Inside the box, you’ll find an unbranded sealed foil packet. Although the color scheme of the packet matches the box, it does not display the brand name of the pregnancy test.

On the back of the packet, you’ll see the same pregnancy test directions you read on the back panel of the box.

Open the Paraid packet

Wait until you’re ready to test for pregnancy before opening the sealed packet. That way, you can reduce the possibility of contamination.

Check the expiration date printed on your pregnancy test box and packet before using the product. Never use an expired pregnancy test.

When you open the packet, you’ll find inside a test cassette and a dropper. You’ll use the dropper to apply 2-3 drops of urine to the test cassette’s sample well.

NOTE: Do not attempt to insert your Paraid Pregnancy Test into your urine stream. Instead, use a clean cup or glass to collect a urine sample. After that, use the dropper to apply urine to your pregnancy test.

Read and follow the Para-Aid Pregnancy Test directions that come with your test unit. As a courtesy, CPG Health has posted Para-Aid Pregnancy Test instructions online for your review.

In the below image, you’ll see the Paraid Pregnancy Test packet and its contents.

Inside the Paraid Pregnancy Test box, you'll find an unbranded Paraid Pregnancy Test foil sealed packet.
Here’s what’s inside the Paraid Pregnancy Test packet.

Although variations in the design of the cassette and dropper may occur, you can expect to find almost identical contents inside your Para-Aid Pregnancy Test box and packet.

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