What is New Choice Plus Pregnancy Test sensitivity?

How do you shop for a pregnancy test? You can compare various products based on price, brand recognition, and product reviews. Also, you can compare pregnancy tests based on their sensitivity to HCG. So, when you ask, “What is New Choice Plus Pregnancy Test sensitivity?”, we have the answer you need.

What is New Choice Plus Pregnancy Test sensitivity?

Sensitivity refers to the amount of the HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin)¬†present in your urine. HCG is known as “the pregnancy” hormone because it increases in concentration in your body after conception.

Learn more about HCG at The American Pregnancy Association.

As you shop for your pregnancy test, you need to know that pregnancy test sensitivity has two different measures.

Cut off sensitivity

A device’s cut off sensitivity refers to the concentration of HCG where at least 50% of pregnant test subjects receive a positive test result.

The cut off sensitivity rating for the New Choice Plus One Step Pregnancy Test is 25 mIU/mL. However, in laboratory testing, the New Choice product delivered 29 positive results out of 30 tests of 25 mIU/mL samples.

Analytical sensitivity

The analytical sensitivity of a pregnancy test is the lowest concentration that yields 100% positive results.

New Choice Pregnancy Tests produced 100% positive results for pregnant women who have 50 mIU/mL urine.

What’s the difference between New Choice One Step and New Choice Plus One Step pregnancy tests?

The original New Choice One Step Pregnancy Test is a cassette-based product distributed by SCI International. To use it, you collect a urine sample in a clean cup. Afterward, you’ll use the included dropper to apply a few drops of urine to the devices test well.

From the same distributor, you can buy the New Choice Plus One Step Pregnancy Test. This version of the product is a midstream test that comes in the form of a test stick. To use it, you’ll insert the absorbent tip into your urine stream.

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