What is New Choice Plus One Step Pregnancy test faint line?

Are you pregnant? Do you want to know now? Just imagine, after choosing the New Choice Plus Pregnancy Test, you end up with a faint line. Now, you’re wondering, “What is New Choice Plus One Step Pregnancy Test faint line?” Continue reading to get your answer.

What is New Choice Plus One Step Pregnancy test faint line?

CPG Health is your source for reliable, robust pregnancy test information. We’ll help you understand why you might have a faint line in your test result window.

What is New Choice Plus?

SCI International sells this Guangzhou Wondfo pregnancy test branded as New Choice Plus.

The Guangzhou Wondfo Biotech Co., Ltd. One Step HCG Urine Pregnancy Test is intended for non-professional, over-the-counter use and for professional and laboratory use for the qualitative identification of the elevated levels of human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (hCG) in urine to aid in the determination of pregnancy.”


What does a New Choice Plus faint line mean?

A faint line on your New Choice Plus One Step Pregnancy test indicates a positive test result. However, you must know for sure that you followed the test’s instructions perfectly.

If you’re concerned about your faint result, CPG Health recommends repeating your test with a new unit. Doing so will help you avoid the possibility of a false positive caused by an evap line or improper timing.

What causes a faint line?

You may have a faint line on your New Choice Pregnancy Test for one or more reasons:

Manufacturing variations

The appearance and reactivity of the test strip that’s inside your New Choice Pregnancy Test vary from one batch to another. The manufacturer makes sure that all these strips fall within an acceptable range. Still, some results may be lighter or darker than others.

Borderline HCG

Sometimes you might get a faint positive line on your pregnancy test because you have borderline HCG. When you’re pregnant, your HCG increases by 50% daily. If you want to see a dark line, retest one or two days later with a fresh device.

Improper testing

Before you can get a reliable result with your pregnancy test, you need to read, understand, and follow the directions that come with your test unit. Also, never use an expired test.

I have questions about my health and pregnancy. What should I do?

CPG Health does not provide medical advice. So, contact a doctor or other qualified health professional if you have questions about your health or pregnancy.

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