What does a positive pregnancy test look like?

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What does a positive pregnancy test look like?

Many brands of pregnancy tests are manufactured by the same company. For this reason, the variations between test products aren’t as numerous as you first think.

Common variations include:

  • One-Step pregnancy tests.
  • Early Result pregnancy tests.
  • Cassette-based pregnancy tests.
  • Digital pregnancy tests.

Early Result Pregnancy Tests

This type of in-stream test features a control window and a results window. One line in each window constitutes a positive pregnancy test.

Early Result Pregnancy Test positive result
Early Result Pregnancy Test positive result.

One Step Pregnancy Tests

The one-step pregnancy test positive result is similar to the early result test, except the positive result looks like a plus (+) sign.

One Step Pregnancy Test positive result
One Step Pregnancy Test +/- positive result.

Cassette-based positive result

Cassette-based pregnancy tests such as the VeriQuick Pregnancy Test require you to catch urine in a cup. Afterward, you apply the urine to the test using the included dropper.

cassette positive test result
VeriQuick Pregnancy Test cassette positive result.

A positive pregnancy test with this type of test has two lines in the results window: one next to the control result (C) and the other next to the test result (T).

Digital Positive Pregnancy Test

Digital pregnancy tests work in the exact way the other tests work. The only difference is that they show your result on an LCD screen. These screens can vary, but here’s what a positive pregnancy test looks like for the Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test with Smart Countdown.

Digital positive pregnancy test result
Digital Pregnancy Test positive result.

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