Walgreens Pregnancy Test False Negative

You want to know for sure. That makes things even harder when you try to conceive and still get a negative. More surprising, however, is the situation where you find out you’re really pregnant. Continue reading to learn how to avoid Walgreens Pregnancy Test false negative results.

Walgreens Pregnancy Test false negative

Walgreens sells several OTC pregnancy tests. We have an article to read if you’re unsure which Walgreens Pregnancy Test you’ve used.

You seem upset that you tested for pregnancy and received a negative result. Since then, you’ve either visited your doctor or retested at home. Your result now shows a big fat positive! How can that happen?

Reasons for a Walgreens Pregnancy Test false negative

Don’t blame the manufacturer for your Walgreens Pregnancy Test false negative. Your spurious result may have more to do with you than your test stick.

Testing too early

For example, if you tested too early, you may not have had enough human chorionic gonadotropin in your urine to trigger a positive result.

As time passes, pregnant women incur elevated hCG levels. So, a negative result on one day could become a BFP later on.

Irregular cycle

Many women normally have unpredictable cycles. Others may occasionally miscalculate their EMP, only to discover their mistake later.

Some medications may cause your period to become irregular. Also, stressful life situations can alter your body chemistry.

Testing procedure

Carefully read the directions that come with the pregnancy test device that you use. Failure to expose the tip of your test stick adequately to your urine may cause an unreliable result.

Similarly, if you read your result either too early or late, you might get a false result.

Handling can also cause a false negative result. For example, if you point your test stick upwards or place it on an uneven surface, you could get an unreliable result.

Read your result

Learn what a Walgreens Pregnancy Test positive and negative result looks like before you test. That way, you eliminate the possibility of misreading or misinterpreting your result.

Invalid result

If you do not have an indicator in the “Control” section of your analog pregnancy test, you don’t have a valid result.

Expiration date

Never use a pregnancy test after its expiration date.

What to do after a false negative

You have several options when you receive a negative test result, but you think you might be pregnant.

Get medical advice

If you have questions about pregnancy or your health, immediately discuss them with a doctor or a similar qualified health professional.

CPG Health does not provide medical advice.

Test again

Always confirm your Walgreens Pregnancy Test result by testing again on the first day of your EMP. By that time, if you’re pregnant, you’ll have enough hCG in your system to trigger a positive result.

Read the fine print

You might see that your pregnancy test has an accuracy rate that’s greater than 99 percent. Look carefully. Read the fine print. If you do, you might see that that accuracy rate is on the first day of your missed period.

Learn more

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