Walgreens Pregnancy Test Evaporation Line

How do you know if you have a valid result? How do you know if you instead have a Walgreens Pregnancy Test evaporation line? We want you to use your pregnancy test with confidence, so don’t get bent out of shape over evap lines. OK?

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Walgreens Pregnancy Test Evaporation Line

When you pee on a stick, urine may splash in unwanted locations. One of those places, of course, is the top of your test stick, where the result window is located.

What is an evap line?

When your urine splashes onto your test stick’s result window, it evaporates and dries.

When this happens, the liquid leaves behind residue on the result window that can look like a line. Although unlikely, you might mistake that evap line as a positive or negative sign from your pregnancy test.

How do I recognize a Walgreens Pregnancy Test evaporation line?

If you’re uncertain about a line on your pregnancy test, look at it in a well-lit room. If the line appears to lie on the surface of your result window, gently rub it with a clean cloth.

A line that represents a genuine result will not rub off.

Also, read the directions that came with your pregnancy test to find out what color valid results have for your test. An evaporation line will not have the same color as a line that portrays a valid result.

How do I prevent an evap line?

Again, your pregnancy test instructions come in handy. If you read the insert that came with your test, you’ll learn the proper way to use your test.

Following the directions will help you avoid creating an evap line on your test stick.

I’m unsure about my Walgreens pregnancy test result. What should I do?

If you think that something may have gone wrong while taking the test, get a fresh test and use it to test again.

Never attempt to re-use a pregnancy test.

If you still don’t know what to make of your situation, please immediately contact a doctor or similar qualified health professional to discuss your concerns.

CPG Health does not provide medical advice.

How can I learn more about Walgreens pregnancy tests?

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