Walgreens One Step Analog Pregnancy Test Faint Line

You want an obvious yes or no. Right? You want to see two big fat pink lines on your pregnancy test stick. When you don’t things don’t seem right. Continue reading to learn about the Walgreens One Step Analog Pregnancy Test faint line and what it means.

Walgreens One Step Analog Pregnancy Test faint line

What causes a faint line?

A faint pink line on your Walgreens One Step Analog Pregnancy Test can mean one of several things.

Product variation

Materials used in OTC pregnancy tests may vary during production. For this reason, you can’t expect every test to display an identical concentration of pink dye when you have a positive result.

hCG concentration

Sometimes, the amount of Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in your urine is borderline. Therefore, the test triggers a faint pink line rather than a bold, beautiful pink line.

Evap line

Urine can splash onto the result window of your Walgreens One Step Analog Pregnancy Test. When it evaporates, the residue left behind might look like a line on your test.

What can I do about a faint line?

After receiving a faint line, you have three options.

Accept the result

If you have a line, you most likely have a positive result.

Here’s what you’ll see in the Walgreens One Step Analog Pregnancy Test instructions:

“There is no meaning attributed to line intensity or width. Result lines are interpreted to be solid and colored (pink or reddish).”

Repeat the test

If your pregnancy test result displays a line in the control section and the result section of your test, you have a valid positive result.

If you think you might have splashed liquid onto the window, repeat your test with a new test stick. Similarly, if you failed to follow directions properly, repeat the test with a fresh pregnancy test.

If you’ve tested early, perform another pregnancy test on the first day of your missed period to confirm your result.

Never attempt to reuse a used pregnancy test.

Use a digital test

If you’re tired of trying to decide what a positive result looks like, try using a digital pregnancy test. These tests use words on an LCD screen, not chemical lines to display your result.

Digital pregnancy tests cost more than the Walgreens One Step Analog Pregnancy Test. The extra cost gives you the peace of mind that comes with an easy-to-read, unmistakable result.

How do I buy the One Step Analog test?

You can buy the Walgreens One Step Analog test at your local Walgreens store. Also, you can buy the test online at Walgreens.com.

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