Target One Step Pregnancy Test

You’ve done “it” repeatedly, now you want to know if you’re pregnant. Right? A Target Pregnancy Test can help. Just because you missed your period means nothing. You need concrete, accurate results, but you want them without an expensive visit to your doctor. The solution? The pregnancy test, by Up and Up.

EDITOR’S NOTE: we published this article on December 15, 2015. Since then, Target has discontinued the up&up One Step Pregnancy Test.

Target’s up&up One-Step Pregnancy Test was an over-the-counter urine HCG test which is intended
for the detection of pregnancy. They intended the test for use from four days before the expected period.

Let’s face it: You need a pregnancy test. Stay here on to know what to do first. For example,we’ll help you understand why you need the EPT pregnancy test rather than the defunct Up&Up test. What is a pregnancy test? You can find out here at CPG Health, and you can learn more at the U.S. Government’s MedlinePlus website.

Target One Step Pregnancy Test

The Up & Up One Step Pregnancy Test gives early results, like the EPT Pregnancy Test and the Equate Pregnancy Test, by giving you accurate results up to five days before you miss a period. This test works by detecting the HCG pregnancy hormone. Of course, hormone levels can vary in different individuals, so your personal composition might affect your results.

Working almost exactly like the EPT Pregnancy Test, the Target Pregnancy Test makes it possible to get the earliest confirmation of pregnancy. This product comes in a package with two tests, so you can have the assurance that you can always check again.

Finding the Target One Step Pregnancy Test

The pregnancy test sells under the Up and Up brand. It works like the EPT Pregnancy Test. The UPC associated with this product is 492450302887.

As already noted, Target has discontinued this test as of April 30, 2017.

What’s a Pregnancy Test similar to Target One Step Pregnancy Test?

The up&up One Step Pregnancy Test was a plus or minus test (+/-) that showed a “plus” sign for a positive result and a “minus” sign for a negative result.

The test device packaged as the Target One Step Pregnancy Test is identical to many currently available brands. So, if you had your heart set on using this pregnancy test, you still can!

The FDA approved this device with their decision #K042280, showing that they approved the test under the name, “Fact Plus One-Step Pregnancy Test Kit.”

For your convenience, we’ve posted the below image that lists many, if not all, of the brands sold under FDA document #K042280 (and are, therefore, identical to the now-defunct Target One Step Pregnancy Test):

Brands identical to the defunct Target One Step Pregnancy Test.
The current link to this information is:, and is subject to change without notice.

Just to be clear, all the above-listed pregnancy tests contain the identical test device that Target has discontinued.

Other Target up&up Pregnancy Tests

Right now, the only up&up-branded pregnancy test is the Target Early Result Pregnancy Test. Click that link to read our product review for that product.

Target also sells an up&up-branded ovulation test.

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