Rexall Pregnancy Test Review

Do you think you’re pregnant? Do you wonder which pregnancy test to trust? Continue reading this Rexall Pregnancy Test review to learn more.

Unlike most reviews on Rexall Pregnancy Test, this one delivers verified information and laboratory data from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Rexall Pregnancy Test review

The Rexall One-Step Pregnancy Test is an over-the-counter urine hCG test which is intended for the detection of pregnancy. The test is indicated for use from four days before the expected period.

You can buy the Rexall Pregnancy Test at most Dollar General stores. If you need to have the pregnancy test Rexall delivered, use our Amazon affiliate links on this page to buy the product directly and securely from Amazon.

We’ll provide you with important details about this pregnancy test as well as insights gleaned from U.S. FDA data.

Are Rexall Pregnancy Tests Reliable?

If you’re like most potential mothers, you don’t want to waste your time on a test that might give you the wrong answer.

Based on our experience and user reviews, the Rexall Test is easy to use and provides reliable results.

In fact, the pregnancy test Rexall is 99% reliable from the day of your missed period.

How much does the Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test cost?

We recently visited an area Dollar General store. The Rexall Pregnancy Test was selling for $4.00 in the one-pack. A two-pack was available for $6.95.

Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test two-pack cost $6.95. Prices at Dollar General may change without notice.
A package of two Rexall Pregnancy Tests (One Step) cost $6.95 at some Dollar General Stores.
Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test 1-pack costs $4 at Dollar General. Prices and avaialbility may change.
The one-count package of the Rexall Pregnancy Test costs $4.00 at some Dollar General Stores.

Pricing for the Rexall Pregnancy Test varies by store and geographic location. Therefore, the price you pay may be different.

Who makes the Rexall Pregnancy Test?

The Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test is also known as the Dollar General +/- Pregnancy Test. Continue reading to see a list of all the brands that sell packages containing the same test device.

Inverness Medical, LLC. distributes the Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test. Inverness is a repackager/re-labeler of OTC health products.

The test device that’s packaged under the Rexall brand is manufactured in China by Alere (Shanghai) Diagnostics Co., Ltd.

Alere is a contract manufacture that produces pregnancy tests and other health products for various brands around the world.

Some FDA records associate this product with a company named Abbott. In fact, the Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test is also marketed as the FactPlus One Step Pregnancy Test. You can read scientific details about this test device at the FDA.

How soon can Rexall detect pregnancy?

Rexall Pregnancy Tests (One Step) can detect pregnancy as early as five days before the first day of your missed period. However, when you test early, the accuracy of your test result suffers.

For example, if you test four days before your expected period, the chance of a pregnant woman receiving a positive result is 53%.

If you wait until two days before your expected period, the test will produce a positive result for pregnant women 84% of the time.

So, if you test early for pregnancy, always repeat your test on the day of your expected period.

Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test Sensitivity

The Rexall One-Step Pregnancy Test can reliably detect an hCG level of 25 mIU/ml. Most women have that hCG level by the first day of their missed period.

How do you use a Rexall Pregnancy Test?

Follow the directions that come with your test unit. If you’d like to learn about the testing process, check out our article about Rexall Pregnancy Test instructions.

Failing to follow the directions that come with your pregnancy test could cause you to receive an invalid result.

Is the Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test the same as the Equate One Step Pregnancy Test?

Yes. CPG Health unboxed the Rexall Pregnancy Test and the Equate Pregnancy Test. Both products are identical, except for their packaging. Watch the video here.

Rexall Pregnancy Test – How does it work?

Your Rexall Pregnancy Test works by detecting the hCG pregnancy hormone (HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin hormone).

After conception, the level of HCG in your urine increases, creating an opportunity to find out if you’re pregnant from the comfort and privacy of your home.

The absorbent tip of the Rexall Pregnancy Test contains chemicals that react to certain levels of HCG.

So, if your urine has enough HCG in it to trigger a positive result, you are likely pregnant.

What affects the accuracy of Rexall Pregnancy Test results?

The level of hCG in your body starts out very small, but it doubles every two or three days after conception. So, if you test too soon, you could get a negative result, even if you’re actually pregnant.

That’s why home pregnancy test kits such as the Rexall Pregnancy Test say on the package:

Over 99%* Accurate from the day of your expected period.*

So, on the day of your expected menstrual period (EMP), you can expect to get an almost absolutely certain test result.

How does testing early affect my Rexall Pregnancy Test result?

When you buy your Rexall Pregnancy Test, you’ll notice that the box says:

Test 5 days before missed period**

The side panel of your test explains that testing early reduces the accuracy of your Rexall Pregnancy Test.

This is true while testing early with any home pregnancy test product sold under any brand.

The Rexall Pregnancy Test can be used as early as 4 days before your EMP. This means that you can test 5 days earlier than you would if you waited to test until you missed your period.

In clinical testing with early pregnancy samples, the Rexall Pregnancy Test had the following accuracy rates:

  • 0 days before expected period (1 day sooner) > 99% accuracy.
  • 1 day before expected period  (2 days sooner): 87% accuracy.
  • 2 days before expected period (3 days sooner): 84% accuracy.
  • 3 days before expected period (4 days sooner): 74% accuracy.
  • 4 days before expected period (5 days sooner): 53% accuracy.

So, if you test 5 days sooner (as advertised on product packaging), your chance of having an accurate result is slightly better than 50/50.

Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test. Testing early affects accuracy.

What is Rexall Pregnancy Test Sensitivity?

Pregnancy test sensitivity refers to the amount of the hCG pregnancy hormone that needs to be present in your urine in order to achieve a greater than 50% accuracy rating for known-positive urine samples.

Rexall Pregnancy Test sensitivity is 25 mIU/mL.

Where can I find Rexal Pregnancy Test instructions?

CPG Health has a page that includes Rexall Pregnancy Test instructions. These directions will help you understand this product so that you can make the best possible buying decision.

You can read the directions for the Rexall Pregnancy Test in English or Spanish right here at

We provide the directions for using the Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test for informational purposes only. We believe that, by reading the instructions, you can make the buying decision that’s best for you.

Always follow the directions that come with your test unit.

Who manufacturers the Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test?

The Rexall Pregnancy Test is distributed by Inverness Medical, LLC. That firm’s address is in Waltham, Massachusetts, 02453.

Please note: The FDA lists Inverness Medical a “repackager/re-labeler” of the One-Step Pregnancy Test product.

Inverness is operated by Alere Scarborough, Inc., 10 Southgate Road, Scarborough, ME 04074.

ALERE (SHANGHAI) DIAGNOSTICS CO., LTD. manufactures the product in China.

Inverness Medical also distributes the nationally marketed e.p.t. Pregnancy Test.

What other brands sell this exact same pregnancy test?

Inverness supplies the identical test to multiple brands:

  • Walmart Equate One Step Pregnancy Test
  • Accu-Clear Pregnancy Test (Accu-Clear is a registered trademark of SPD Swiss Precision Diagnostics GmbH).

Continue reading to see a complete list of pregnancy test brands that use the same test device as the Rexall Pregnancy Test.

Why can’t I find information about the Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test from the FDA?

In the FDA’s database, they register the Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test as the “Dollar General +/- Pregnancy Test.”

An identical version of the Rexall Pregnancy Test is available under numerous brands. Please note that some proprietary names for this product may have changed or been discontinued since the FDA last updated their records.

Alternate Brands of the Rexall Pregnancy Test ( A through L)

  • Accuclear +/- Preg Test.
  • Best Choice +/- Preg Test.
  • Best Choice Early Preg Test.
  • Care One +/- Preg Test.
  • CVS Visual Early Preg Test
  • The CVS +/- Preg Test.
  • CVS Early Bi-Ling Preg Test.
  • Discount Drug +/- Preg Test.
  • Discount Drug Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Dollar General +/- Preg Test.
  • Equaline +/- Preg Test.
  • Equaline Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Exchange Select +/- Preg Test.
  • Exchange Select Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Fact Plus +/- Preg Test.
  • Familiprix +/- Preg Test.
  • Familiprix Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Family Dollar Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Generic +/- Preg Test.
  • The Good Neighbor +/- Preg Test.
  • Good Neighbor Visual Early Preg Test.
  • The Good Sense +/- Preg Test.
  • Good Sense Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Health Mart +/- Preg Test.
  • Health Mart Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Healthy Accents +/- Pregnancy Test.
  • HEB +/- Preg Test.
  • The HEB Bi-Ling Early Preg Test.
  • HEB Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Hy-Vee +/- Preg Test.
  • Hy-Vee Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Kmart Image Essentials +/- Preg Test.
  • Kmart Smart Sense Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Kroger +/- Preg Test.
  • Kroger Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Leader +/- Preg Test.
  • Leader Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Loblaws +/- Preg Test.
  • Loblaws Visual Early Preg Test.
  • London Drug +/- Preg Test.

Alternate Brands of the Rexall Pregnancy Test ( M through Z)

  • Meijer +/- Preg Test.
  • Meijer Visual Early Preg test.
  • Metro Early Preg Test.
  • Pharmasave +/- Preg Test.
  • Pharmasave Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Preferred Plus +/- Preg Test.
  • The Preferred Plus One Step Preg Test.
  • Preferred Plus Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Premier Value +/- Preg Test.
  • Premier Value Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Price Chopper Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Publix +/- Preg Test.
  • Quality Choice +/- Preg Test.
  • Quality Choice Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Rite Aid +/- Preg Test.
  • Rite Aid Early Pregnancy Bilingual Test.
  • SDM +/- Preg Test.
  • SDM Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Select Brand +/- Preg Test.
  • Shop Rite +/- Preg Test.
  • Shop Rite Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Shopko +/- Preg Test.
  • The Shopko Early Pregnancy Bilingual Test.
  • Shopko Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Shur Fine +/- Preg Test.
  • Signature Care Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Sunmark +/- Preg Test.
  • Sunmark Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Target +/- Preg Test.
  • Target Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Topcare +/- Pregnancy Test.
  • Topcare Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Walgreens +/- Preg Test.
  • The Walgreens Early Pregnancy Bilingual Test.
  • Walgreens Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Walmart Equate +/- Preg Test.
  • The Walmart Equate Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Walmart Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Western Family +/- Preg Test.
  • Western Family Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Winco Foods +/- Preg Test.
  • Winco Foods Visual Early Preg Test.

FDA Data for the Rexall One-Step Pregnancy Test

The pre-market submission for this product was submitted to the FDA under the proprietary name, “Fact Plus One Step Pregnancy Test Kit.”

The FDA found that this product is substantially equivalent to a pregnancy test that the agency had approved prior to May 28, 1976.

Data for the original 1996 Fact Plus One Step Pregnancy Test Kit is available at the following URLs:

The manufacturer based the original FDA approval for this product on a predicate device described as the ADVANCE Pregnancy test.

You can access additional information from the FDA at the following URL:

My local Dollar General is out of stock on the Rexall Pregnancy Test

If your local Dollar General store is out of stock on the Rexall Pregnancy One Step Pregnancy Test, you can buy the same test under a different label from stores such as Walmart, Target, CVS, and Walgreens. See above for a complete list of proprietary names that apply to this product.

Rexall Pregnancy Test evaporation line

If you accidentally splash urine onto your result window, you could see a Rexall Pregnancy Test evaporation line after that urine dries.

When this happens, you might confuse a Rexall Pregnancy Test evap line with a positive pregnancy test result.

To avoid evaporation line problems, carefully follow the directions that come with your Rexall Pregnancy Test device.

If, for any reason, you believe that you have received an inaccurate test result, contact your doctor or similar qualified health care professional.

Editor’s note

This article about the Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test was originally posted on January 18, 2018. We revised it on June 3, 2020.

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