Rexall Pregnancy Test Review

You might be pregnant. As you shop the myriad pregnancy tests out there, consider the Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test. If you’ll read the following Rexall Pregnancy Test review, you’ll learn about the product in ways that will help you make the best buying decision for you.

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Is Rexall One Step an Early Result Pregnancy Test?

One last thing before we begin: Beware of published Rexall Early Pregnancy Test Reviews. Although you may use the Rexall Pregnancy Test to test early for pregnancy, that test is not classified as an early result test.

Testing Early with Rexall vs Accuracy

If you use the Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test to test early for pregnancy, you will compromise the accuracy of your result. To get an idea, check out the below image taken directly from the Rexall Pregnancy Test’s package.

Testing Early vs Accuracy Rexall Pregnancy Test
Testing Early vs Accuracy: Rexall Pregnancy Test

If early result accuracy ranks among your top priorities, then Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test isn’t for you.

If you’re still interested, let’s begin our review of this product.

Rexall Pregnancy Test Review

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What is the Rexall Pregnancy Test?

Dollar General owns the Rexall trademark. For this reason, you can only find Rexall Pregnancy Tests for sale at Dollar General Stores.

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Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test Description

Rexall One-Step Pregnancy Test is an over-the-counter urine hCG test which is intended for the detection of pregnancy. The test is indicated for use from four days before the expected period.


You can use the Rexall Pregnancy Test to test five days before your missed period. You will, however, as already noted, sacrifice accuracy when you test early.

On the day of your missed period, Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test is over 99 percent accurate.

Rexall Pregnancy Tests are easy to use and read. In fact, you only have one step to follow:

Hold the absorbent tip of your test stick in your urine stream for several seconds.

As long as you follow the instructions that came with your pregnancy test, you’ll have a confirmed result withing two minutes.


Rexall One Step is a “Plus or Minus” pregnancy test. This means that if you’re positive for pregnancy, you’ll see a “plus” sign in the round result window.

If you have a Rexall Pregnancy Test negative result, you’ll see a “minus” sign in the round rest result window.

Also, always make sure you see a line in the oval “control” window. This line confirms that you have a valid test result.

Rexall Pregnancy Test at the FDA

To legally sell an over-the-counter home pregnancy test, the product’s distributor must have FDA approval.

You sometimes encounter challenges when trying to find FDA data on your product. Most often, the reason for the confusion is that the distributor has registered the pregnancy test under a different name.

Another complication is that, oftentimes, brands change names. They also often change contract manufacturers.

CPG goes the extra mile so potentially pregnant women can get the product information they need.

We visited the U.S. National Library of Medicine to locate details about the Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test. We located the correct product by searching for the product’s barcode in the Access GUDID database:

Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test at the National Library of Medicine.
You can confirm FDA records by visiting the Access GUDID database.

If you click on the “Device Characteristics” option, you can find the “FDA Premarket Submission Number.” This is the FDA document number that contains details of the Rexall Pregnancy Test.

Rexall Pregnancy Test is recorded at the FDA under document number K042280.
Find the FDA’s pre-market submission number for Rexall Pregnancy Test.
FDA Record # K042280 - Rexall Pregnancy Test
FDA Record #K042280.

As you can see, the Rexall Pregnancy Test was registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as the “Fact Plus One Step Pregnancy Test Kit. The original manufacturer of the device is UniPath LTD.

Who Manufactures the Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test

Right now, SPD Diagnostics, the owners of the Clearblue Pregnancy Test trademark, are the “Specification Developers” of the Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test.

SPD Diagnostics now is a part of Procter & Gamble.

Inverness Medical, LLC, now part of SPD Diganostics, repackages, relabels, and distributes the device sold as the Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test under many brands.

Abott, a Chinese contract manufacturer that’s now part of the SPD Diagnostics group, produces the Rexall +/- Pregnancy test.

What is the sensitivity of the Rexall Pregnancy Test

Sadly, FDA Document K042280 contains sketchy information about this product.

CPG Health contacted the product’s manufacturer and determined that the HCG clinical sensitivity of the Rexall Pregnancy Test is 25 mIU/mL urine.

Clinical sensitivity is the HCG concentration at which all women (100%) with that level of human chorionic gonadotropin will receive a positive pregnancy test result.

We do not know the HCG cut off sensitivity for this product. The Cut Off sensitivity is the HCG concentration where at least half of pregnant women receive a positive Pregnancy Test result.

Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test directions

CPG Health has published Rexall Pregnancy Test directions here.

For your convenience, we’re positing these instructions in the image below. Click the image to enlarge it.

Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test instructions.
Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test Instructions.
Before you begin
  • Read the instructions completely.
  • Have a watch, clock, or timer that displays seconds.
  • Check the expiration date on the package. Never use an expired test.
  • Use your test as early as 4 days before you expect your menstrual period.
How to use the test
  • Open the sealed pouch that contains the test immediately before testing.
  • Remove the test stick from the pouch and remove the purple cap.
  • Hold the test by the thumb grip with the absorbent tip facing down. Never point the tip upward.
  • Either place the absorbent tip in your urine stream for five seconds exactly, OR urinate into clean, dry cup and dip the absorbent tip into the urine for exactly 20 seconds.
  • Replace the purple cap on the tip and lay your test on a clean, flat surface with the result window facing upward. You should see your test result within two minutes.
  • IMPORTANT: Allow the test to remain flat for at least two minutes before lifting the stick. Lifting the test too early may invalidate your result.
How to read your Rexall Pregnancy Test result
  • Read your result within two to ten minutes.
  • If you have a blue line in the oval control window and a plus sign in the round result window, you have a positive result. NOTE: One of the lines that comprises the plus sign may be lighter or darker than the other.
Rexall Pregnancy Test positive result
Rexall Pregnancy Test positive result.
  • If you have one blue line in the oval control window and a blue minus sign in the round result window, you have a “not pregnant result.”
Dollar General Rexall negative result.
Dollar General Rexall Pregnancy Test negative result.
  • If, after 10 minutes, you see no line in the oval control window, you have an invalid result. You’ll have to repeat your pregnancy test with a fresh test unit. NOTE: Never try to reuse a pregnancy test.
Rexall Pregnancy Test Faint Line

It does not matter if one line that makes up the “Plus” sign is lighter or darker than the other.

Rexall Pregnancy Test Review FAQ

How does the Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test Work?

The Dollar General Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test detects HCG a pregnancy hormone that becomes present in the urine of pregnant women. A “+” result shows that the test detected an elevated level of HCG. The amount of hCG in your body increases in the early stages of pregnancy. See:

When can I test for pregnancy with Rexall One Step?

You can use as early Rexall Pregnancy Test as early as 4 days before you expect your period. That’s 5 days sooner than waiting to miss your period to test. HCG pregnancy hormone levels increase rapidly in early pregnancy. In clinical testing Rexall One Step detected the pregnancy hormone in 53% of women when testing 4 days before their expected period,74% at 3 days before their expected period, 84% at 2 days before their expected period and 87% at one day before their expected period.

Do I have to use the first morning urine?

You should use first morning urine to test for pregnancy because it usually has the highest HCG conscentration. If you can’t use your first morning urine, you can still use the test at any time of day.

I have irregular periods. What should I do?

If you are unsure as to when to expect your next period, you should test at least 19 days after the day you think that you might have gotten pregnant. If you receive a negative result, test again in 3 days.

How soon can I read my Rexall Pregnancy Test result?

Read your result in as little as 2 minutes. Disregard any result you’ve read after ten minutes.

What factors can affect my test result?

Fertility drugs and failing to follow directions can lead to an invalid result.

I received a Rexall Pregnancy Test positive result. What should I do?

CPG Health does not supply medical advice. As your questions about your health, pregnancy, and Rexall Pregnancy Test results to your doctor or similar qualified health professional.

Can I read third party Rexall Pregnancy Test reviews?

CPG Health reports on Rexall Pregnancy Test product reviews in this post.

Testing Early with Rexall
Testing early with Rexall
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