Rexall Pregnancy Test Positive After 10 Minutes

If you have a Rexall Pregnancy Test positive after 10 minutes, what does that mean? Pay attention to our answer. We can save you a lot of confusion.

Rexall Pregnancy Test positive after 10 minutes

Disregard your pregnancy test result if you have received it after 10 minutes. Instead, follow the directions that came with your test unit.

As time passes, the condition of your pregnancy test may change. For this reason, only read your pregnancy test result after the period prescribed in your pregnancy test’s directions.

What happens if I wait too long to read my Rexall Pregnancy Test result?

If you wait too long to read your pregnancy test, you give the test more time to absorb your urine and react to hCG. You can get a positive result with a low hCG level by leaving your test stick to sit for ten minutes.

Using your Rexall Pregnancy Test in any way that’s inconsistent with its instructions may lead to unpredictable and inaccurate results.

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The Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test displays results in two minutes. If you wait ten minutes, you will have an invalid result.

What do the instructions say about Rexall Pregnancy Test positive after 10 minutes?

You can read your result after 2 minutes as long as a blue line has appeared in the Control Window. A “+”(Pregnant) result may appear as early as 1 minute. Disregard any changes after 10 minutes.

Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test Instructions

I got a Rexall Pregnancy Test positive after 10 minutes. Now what?

If you waited too long to read your Rexall Pregnancy Test result, ignore that result and discard your used testing device.

Unwrap a new Rexall Pregnancy Test and then repeat the testing process. Follow the directions that come with your test.

If you properly perform your test, you can get a result with over 99 percent accuracy (from the day of your expected period).

What else should I know about the Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test?

Inverness Medical, LLC distributes the Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test to Dollar General. The company packages the same test under the name brands of many stores, including Walmart, Quality Choice, Rite Aid, and CVS. Continue reading for a complete listing of equivalent brands.

Rexall Pregnancy Test Distributor and Manufacturer

Abbott owns the rights to the pregnancy test that’s marketed under the Rexall Brand for Dollar General. Most recently, the FDA shows that ALERE (SHANGHAI) DIAGNOSTICS CO., LTD. manufactures this product in China for a German firm (Abbott). Inverness Medical distributes the product in the USA.

Most recently, the device known as the Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test is governed by SPD Diagnostics, the Specification Developer of the product.

Rexall Pregnancy Test FDA Approval:

According to records on file with the FDA, the agency first approved the device marketed as the Rexall Pregnancy Test for OTC use since September 2004.

The FDA based approval for this pregnancy test on a predicate device. A predicated device is a similar product which the FDA has already approved.

The predicate device used to approve the current version of this +/-, one-step pregnancy test is the FactPlus Pregnancy Test.

According to the FDA database, the FactPlus test was approved based on a predicated device called the Advance Pregnancy Test. The FDA has published no records pertaining to the Advance Pregnancy Test.

Several distributors have registered this One-Step Pregnancy Test with the FDA. We believe this information describes the Rexall test device.

Does all this sound confusing? Join the club.

We told you all this information, so you’d know (1) that the Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test uses proven technology that has existed since prior to May 1976. The brand(s) that sell the device have changed, but its reliability remains constant.

How can I learn more about the Rexall Pregnancy Test?

Continue reading this page to learn more about the Rexall One Step test. At the end of this page, you’ll see a list of all the material CPG Health has published about the product.

You can visit the FDA’s database to read the documents that agency has used to approve the sale of the Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test.

Rexall Pregnancy Test Equivalent Brands

According to the FDA’s website, many stores sell the same test device that’s packaged as the Rexall Pregnancy Test under their in-house brands.

Please note that the FDA’s website lists the Rexall-branded product as the “Dollar General +/- Preg Test.”

Also note that the Family Dollar Pregnancy Test formerly contained this device. Recently, Family Dollar changed the test to one that’s distributed by Midwood Brands, LLC.

  1. Accuclear +/- Preg Test
  2. Best Choice +/- Preg Test
  3. Best Choice Early Preg Test
  4. Care One +/- Preg Test
  5. CVS Visual Early Preg Test
  6. CVS +/- Preg Test
  7. CVS Early Bi-Ling Preg Test
  8. Discount Drug +/- Preg Test
  9. Discount Drug Visual Early Preg Test
  10. Dollar General +/- Preg Test
  11. Equaline +/- Preg Test
  12. Equaline Visual Early Preg Test
  13. Exchange Select +/- Preg Test
  14. Exchange Select Visual Early Preg Test
  15. Fact Plus +/- Preg Test
  16. Familiprix +/- Preg Test
  17. Familiprix Visual Early Preg Test
  18. Family Dollar Visual Early Preg Test
  19. Generic +/- Preg Test
  20. Good Neighbor +/- Preg Test
  21. Good Neighbor Visual Early Preg Test
  22. Good Sense +/- Preg Test
  23. Good Sense Visual Early Preg Test
  24. Health Mart +/- Preg Test
  25. Health Mart Visual Early Preg Test
  26. Healthy Accents +/- Pregnancy Test
  27. HEB +/- Preg Test
  28. HEB Bi-Ling Early Preg Test
  29. HEB Visual Early Preg Test
  30. Hy-Vee +/- Preg Test
  31. Hy-Vee Visual Early Preg Test
  32. Kmart Image Essentials +/- Preg Test
  33. Kmart Smart Sense Visual Early Preg Test
  34. Kroger +/- Preg Test
  35. Kroger Visual Early Preg Test
  36. Leader +/- Preg Test
  37. Leader Visual Early Preg Test
  38. Loblaws +/- Preg Test
  39. Loblaws Visual Early Preg Test
  40. London Drug +/- Preg Test
  41. Meijer +/- Preg Test
  42. Meijer Visual Early Preg test
  43. Metro Early Preg Test
  44. Pharmasave +/- Preg Test
  45. Pharmasave Visual Early Preg Test
  46. Preferred Plus +/- Preg Test
  47. Preferred Plus One Step Preg Test
  48. Preferred Plus Visual Early Preg Test
  49. Premier Value +/- Preg Test
  50. Premier Value Visual Early Preg Test
  51. Price Chopper Visual Early Preg Test
  52. Publix +/- Preg Test
  53. Quality Choice +/- Preg Test
  54. Quality Choice Visual Early Preg Test
  55. Rite Aid +/- Preg Test
  56. Rite Aid Early Pregnancy Bilingual Test
  57. SDM +/- Preg Test
  58. SDM Visual Early Preg Test
  59. Select Brand +/- Preg Test
  60. Shop Rite +/- Preg Test
  61. Shop Rite Visual Early Preg Test
  62. Shopko +/- Preg Test
  63. Shopko Early Pregnancy Bilingual Test
  64. Shopko Visual Early Preg Test
  65. Shur Fine +/- Preg Test
  66. Signature Care Visual Early Preg Test
  67. Sunmark +/- Preg Test
  68. Sunmark Visual Early Preg Test
  69. Target +/- Preg Test
  70. Target Visual Early Preg Test
  71. Topcare +/- Pregnancy Test
  72. Topcare Visual Early Preg Test
  73. Walgreens +/- Preg Test
  74. Walgreens Early Pregnancy Bilingual Test
  75. Walgreens Visual Early Preg Test
  76. Walmart Equate +/- Preg Test
  77. Walmart Equate Visual Early Preg Test
  78. Walmart Visual Early Preg Test
  79. Western Family +/- Preg Test
  80. Western Family Visual Early Preg Test
  81. Winco Foods +/- Preg Test
  82. Winco Foods Visual Early Preg Test

If you want to use the Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test, but you’re nowhere near a Dollar General store, choose one of the above products from a store that’s close to you.

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