Rexall Pregnancy Test No Control Line

If you have a situation with Rexall Pregnancy Test no control line, what should you do?

Continue reading to learn the importance of a control line on your Rexall Pregnancy Test.

Rexall Pregnancy Test no control line

If, after ten minutes, no line appears in the oval control window on your pregnancy test, you have an invalid result. Discard your test device. Obtain a new Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test and repeat the testing process.

What does the control line on my pregnancy test do?

A test strip inside your pregnancy test device has two chemical coatings. One section of the test strip reacts with urine to confirm the proper function of your pregnancy test.

Another section of your pregnancy test reacts only to the hCG pregnancy hormone.

A control line validates your pregnancy test result. Without it, you cannot depend on your result.

What else can invalidate my pregnancy test result?

Failure to follow your pregnancy test’s directions can create an invalid result. Other factors include:

  • Using an expired test. Check the product’s packaging for an expiration date.
  • Holding your test device with the absorbent tip pointing upward.
  • Reading your test result after ten minutes have elapsed. your Rexall Pregnancy Test will display your result within two to ten minutes.
  • A higher-than-usual hCG concentration in your body. Some women will receive a false positive when testing early.
  • Misinterpreting an evap line as a positive result. Don’t allow urine to splash on the result window.
  • Disregarding a pregnancy test faint positive. Even a faint positive result may confirm pregnancy.

One line of the plus sign is lighter than the other. What does that mean?

If you see a plus sign (“+”) appear in your result window, you have a positive test result. It doesn’t matter if one line that forms the “+” symbol is lighter or darker than the other.

Where can I buy the Rexall Pregnancy Test?

Dollar General sells the Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test. You can buy it as either a single pack (one device) or a two-pack (two devices).

If you can’t make it to a Dollar General store, you can use our Amazon affiliate link to buy the product. When you do, you’ll checkout securely with Amazon sharing no information with CPG Health.

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