Rexall Pregnancy Test Invalid

Whether you’ve received a Big Fat Positive (BFP) or a negative pregnancy test result, don’t forget to check for an invalid result. If you have a Rexall Pregnancy Test invalid result, you must retest.

What does a Rexall Pregnancy Test invalid result look like?

Every valid result must have a control line in the “Control” section of your pregnancy test stick. If the “Control” window is blank, you cannot trust the result of your Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test.

What caused my Rexall Pregnancy Test invalid result?

Many factors, such as an expired test, can create an invalid pregnancy test result. For instance, if your test’s package was damaged during shipment in a way that punctured its sealed pouch, you could get an invalid result.

Other causes of invalid test results include: failure to follow directions, pointing the tip of the test upward, and waiting too long (or not long enough) to read your result.

Sometimes, you might just receive a defective test stick.

How do I recover from a Rexall Pregnancy Test invalid result?

Buy a new test. Verify that your new test hasn’t expired. Carefully inspect for damage. Next, follow the Rexall Pregnancy Test instructions that came with your test.

Buy a new Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test

You can usually buy a new Rexall Pregnancy Test at your local Dollar General store. However, in many areas, you might discover that the pregnancy-test shortage has affected the Rexall brand.

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