Rexall Pregnancy Test Instructions

Are you pregnant? As you shop for your pregnancy test, you have discovered many options. Rexall supplies you with quality and value. Read the Rexall Pregnancy Test instructions to learn how to use the product.

Pay careful attention to all the cautions and warnings.

Also, remember that product specifications may change without notice.

Similarly, Rexall Pregnancy Test instructions may change.

For this reason, always follow the instructions that come with the test that you use.

Rexall Pregnancy Test instructions

Click the following links to view Rexall Pregnancy Test instructions. This test has directions in both English and Spanish.

These files contain the complete directions for the Rexall Pregnancy Test.

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Rexall Pregnancy Test Instructions in English
Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test Instructions in English.
Rexall Pregnancy Test instructions in Spanish.
Click to enlarge Rexall Pregnancy Test instructions in Spanish.

Rexall Pregnancy Test Instructions

Your Rexall Pregnancy Test directions will look similar to those that accompany other Inverness Medical One Step Pregnancy Tests.

That one firm supplies pregnancy tests to many generic, store and nationally marketed brands, so many brands look and work exactly the same. Both brands use the same directions.

Directions and Accuracy

If you follow the directions that come with your pregnancy test, you’ll have a fantastic chance to get accurate results. Simple mistakes such as failing to place your test stick on a level surface can cause you to have an invalid outcome.

Similarly, if you leave your test developing too long, you can get a false result.

Going further with Rexall

Rexall +/- Pregnancy Test at the FDA

Dollar General owns the Rexall Trademark. For this reason, they have registered the Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test with the FDA under the name, Dollar General +/- Preg Test. Sadly, FDA’s document number K042280 contains scant information about the product.

All we know is that Alere and Abbott, the parents of Inverness Medical, LLC, manufactures the product and Inverness distributes it. The product sells under dozens of brand names, including national and generic brands.

In fact, the FDA first approved this pregnancy test under the brand name, Fact Plus. Right now, you can buy the Inverness Medical +/- Pregnancy Test under the following labels:

  • Kit, Test, Pregnancy, Hcg, Over The Counter – Accuclear +/- Preg Test.
  • Best Choice +/- Preg Test.
  • Best Choice Early Preg Test.
  • Care One +/- Preg Test.
  • CVS Visual Early Preg Test.
  • CVS +/- Preg Test.
  • CVS Early Bi-Ling Preg Test.
  • CVS Health Advanced One Step Pregnancy Test.
  • Discount Drug +/- Preg Test.
  • Discount Drug Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Dollar General +/- Preg Test (Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test).
  • Equaline +/- Preg Test.
  • Equaline Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Exchange Select +/- Preg Test.
  • Exchange Select Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Fact Plus +/- Preg Test.
  • Familiprix +/- Preg Test.
  • Familiprix Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Family Dollar Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Generic +/- Preg Test.
  • Good Neighbor +/- Preg Test.
  • Good Neighbor Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Good Sense +/- Preg Test.
  • Good Sense Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Health Mart +/- Preg Test.
  • Health Mart Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Healthy Accents +/- Pregnancy Test.
  • HEB +/- Preg Test.
  • HEB Bi-Ling Early Preg Test.
  • HEB Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Hy-Vee +/- Preg Test.
  • Hy-Vee Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Kmart Image Essentials +/- Preg Test.
  • Kmart Smart Sense Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Kroger +/- Preg Test.
  • Kroger Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Leader +/- Preg Test.
  • Leader Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Loblaws +/- Preg Test.
  • Loblaws Visual Early Preg Test.
  • London Drug +/- Preg Test.
  • Meijer +/- Preg Test.
  • Meijer Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Metro Early Preg Test.
  • Pharmasave +/- Preg Test.
  • Pharmasave Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Preferred Plus +/- Preg Test.
  • Preferred Plus One Step Preg Test.
  • Preferred Plus Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Premier Value +/- Preg Test.
  • Premier Value Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Price Chopper Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Publix +/- Preg Test.
  • Quality Choice +/- Preg Test.
  • Quality Choice Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Rite Aid +/- Preg Test.
  • Rite Aid Early Pregnancy Bilingual Test.
  • SDM +/- Preg Test.
  • SDM Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Select Brand +/- Preg Test.
  • Shop Rite +/- Preg Test.
  • Shop Rite Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Shopko +/- Preg Test.
  • Shopko Early Pregnancy Bilingual Test.
  • Shopko Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Shur Fine +/- Preg Test.
  • Signature Care Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Sunmark +/- Preg Test; Sunmark Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Target +/- Preg Test.
  • Target Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Topcare +/- Pregnancy Test.
  • Topcare Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Walgreens +/- Preg Test.
  • Walgreens Early Pregnancy Bilingual Test.
  • Walgreens Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Walmart Equate +/- Preg Test.
  • Walmart Equate Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Walmart Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Western Family +/- Preg Test.
  • Western Family Visual Early Preg Test.
  • Winco Foods +/- Preg Test.
  • Winco Foods Visual Early Preg Test.

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