Rexall Pregnancy Test False Positive

I’m worried that I might have a Rexall Pregnancy Test false positive. What should I do?

Are Rexall Pregnancy Tests reliable?

Let’s get to the core of the issue. Rexall Pregnancy Tests provide results with over 99-percent accuracy from the day of your missed period.

The Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test can provide early results. However, when you test early, you sacrifice some reliability of the test. Please read product packaging for details.

Rexall Pregnancy Test positive results are reliable. However, some factors with your body and the test can cause you to receive a false positive.

Can pregnancy tests have a false positive?

Yes. Practically every over-the-counter pregnancy test can have a false positive. Continue reading to learn how to minimize your chance of receiving the wrong result.

Rexall Pregnancy Test false positive

Like practically every product, the Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test has limitations that can cause false results. Continue reading to discover some factors that may cause a false positive.

Naturally high hCG

Scientists developed the Rexall Pregnancy Test to work for most women by considering “typical” hCG levels. Some women have naturally low levels of the pregnancy hormone, so they can get a false negative pregnancy test result.

Women who naturally have high levels of hCG in their urine can trigger a positive result, even though they’re not pregnant.

You should quickly see a healthcare professional after you get a positive home pregnancy test. Doctors may ask you to go through some medical testing to make sure you are healthy and well.

Medical conditions

Some medical conditions may cause your body to produce surplus amounts of the hCG pregnancy hormone. Therefore, if you have one of those disorders, you may test positive for pregnancy.

CPG Health does not provide medical advice. If you think you may have a Rexall Pregnancy Test false positive, seek the advice of a physician or similar qualified healthcare professional.

Examples of potential conditions that may cause a pregnancy test false positive may include:

  • urinary infections.
  • ovarian cysts.
  • certain cancers.
  • kidney disease.

CPG Health does not provide medical advice. Please discuss any health concerns with a qualified healthcare professional.

Not following directions

You should carefully read and follow the Rexall Pregnancy Test instructions that came with your test unit. If you don’t you risk improperly performing the test and receiving a false result.

Common errors while using the Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test include:

  • Waiting too long before reading your result.
  • Pointing the absorbent tip upward.
  • Using an expired test unit.
  • Attempting to reuse a test device.

Atypical pregnancies

You might have a condition that’s technically a pregnancy, but really isn’t. A chemical pregnancy occurs when a fertilized egg can’t grow in the uterus. Scar tissue, fibroids, and other issues may contribute to a chemical pregnancy.

Miscarriages, abortions, and other conditions may also cause you to have a false positive pregnancy test result.

What chemicals can cause a false pregnancy test result?

Some medications, including some fertility treatments, may cause your body to have high levels of hCG. Some drugs may interact with the treated chemical strip that tests your urine. Either way, tell your doctor what medications you’re taking to help discover the cause of your Rexall Pregnancy Test false positive.

Evaporation lines

If you splash urine on the result window of your Rexall Pregnancy Test, it can dry and leave a line. In some cases, an evap line can cause you to misinterpret your test result.

Rexall’s One Step Pregnancy Test uses a line to indicate a valid test (control line) and a negative result (a minus sign).

A positive test result on the Rexall product looks like a plus sign (+). However, an evaporation line on your pregnancy test may cause confusion.

You can tell whether you have a Rexall Pregnancy Test evaporation line or positive result by examining your test stick in good lighting.

What’s the next step?

If you have questions about your Rexall Pregnancy Test result, repeat the test using a new test device. If you have tested early, test again for pregnancy using a new device on the first day of your missed period.

If you have any questions about your health or pregnancy, seek medical attention immediately.

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