Rexall Pregnancy Test Faint Control Line

You’re excited! You took your first pregnancy test. What result do you see? If you use the Rexall product, you’ll see either a plus sign or a minus sign in the result window. You should also see a line in the control window. What happens if you see a Rexall Pregnancy Test faint control line?

Rexall Pregnancy Test faint control line

Variations during the manufacturing process means that not every test result has the same intensity. However, as long as you see a line in the control window, you have a valid test result.

What does the manufacturer say about faint lines?

The manufacturer of the One Step Pregnancy Test tells you how to interpret faint lines. Here’s an excerpt from Rexall Pregnancy Test instructions:

It does not matter if one of the lines that make up the “+” symbol is lighter or darker than the other.

The same holds true for the Rexall Pregnancy Test’s control line.

What is the control line on the Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test?

On your Rexall test stick, you’ll see an oval window. This is the “Control” window that helps to confirm whether you have a valid pregnancy test result. If, after completing your test, a line in this window never appears, you have an invalid result.

Some women get worried when they see a line in the “Control” window that’s either darker or lighter than the line(s) in the “Results” window.

What factors affect my Rexall Pregnancy Test result?

Read and follow the directions that come with your test unit. Failure to do so is one of the top reasons women get an invalid test result.

Some fertility drugs that contain the hCG pregnancy hormone may also affect the validity of our test result. Additionally, some painkillers and “the pill” can affect the reliability of your test result.

Recent pregnancies, the use of an expired test device, and testing too early can also cause unexpected test results.

I think I’m pregnant, but my test says I’m not. What next?

Promptly contact your doctor (or similar qualified health professional) with any questions you have about your health.

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