Rexall Pregnancy Test Evap Line

Rexall Pregnancy Test Evap Line

Do you have a big fat postive pregnancy test result? Take a closer look. You might have a Rexall Pregnancy Test evap line. This line may appear like a positive result, but it isn’t. It might even look like a positive control line. Keep reading to learn more.

Rexall Pregnancy Test evap line

You can depend on the Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test to tell you if you’re pregnant. This product also allows you to test early, helping to relieve your impatience. However, if you’re not careful, you can get an evap line that tricks you into seeing something that’s not there.

What is a pregnancy test evap line?

An evap line can appear on your results window if urine has gotten onto it and dried. Urine contains several compounds, so when it evaporates, it leaves behind a residue. That evap line might cause you to misinterpret a negative test as a positive result. If the evap line appears in the “Control” section of your test, it might fool you into accepting a Rexall Pregnancy Test invalid result.

How do I avoid an evap line with my Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test?

Carefully follow the directions that come with your test unit. Never point or tilt the absorbent tip upward. If you splash urine onto your test stick, consider repeating the test with a fresh new device.

It’s your job to avoid a Rexall Pregnancy Test evap line.

Are Rexall Pregnancy Tests reliable?

Yes. If you follow the directions that come with the test, the Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test is over 99 percent accurate from the day of your missed period.

Testing early decreases the reliability of your Rexall pregnancy test. For instance, if you test four days before your expected period, the accuracy of your pregnancy test results is only 53%.

When you pay attention to the Rexall pregnancy test instructions, you’ll eliminate many potential errors.

How do you tell if it’s an evap line or a positive?

A Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test positive has (1) a line in the control section and (2) a plus sign, “+” in the result section. An evap line appearing in the shape of a plus sign is unlikely, if not practically impossible.

Do dollar store pregnancy tests have evap lines?

Technically, you can have an evap line on any pregnancy test. However, evap lines seem more common with tests that have clear plastic covering the test result window.

If you look carefully, the Rexall Pregnancy Test has a layer of clear plastic on top of the result indicator. Therefore, you can expect the possibility of having an evap line.

What should I do if I think I have an evap line on my pregnancy test?

Use a cotton swap or a piece of tissue to clean the plastic that covers the “Result” and “Control” windows. Don’t use soap or solvents. If the line goes away, you had an evap line. A valid positive result will not disappear by cleaning the result window.

Prevention is the best cure. As you perform your test, take care to avoid splashing urine on the test stick.

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