Pregnant Test Kit

Do you think you’re pregnant? Get a pregnant test kit. Most of the time, you can find out quickly, in the privacy of your home, within three minutes.

Pregnant Test Kit FAQ

Can pregnancy test kit detect 2 weeks pregnant?

No. Even the best pregnancy test kit (First Response) can only give you an accurate result six days early.

Where can I get pregnant test home kit?

Buy your pregnancy test on Amazon using our affiliate link. Also, Check the health and beauty section of your favorite local grocery or retail store.

Can ovulation kit test positive if pregnant?

No. An ovulation kit helps you identify the time when you’re most likely to get pregnant. An ovulation kit doesn’t give you a yes or no result for pregnancy. You’ll need a pregnancy test to find out if you are pregnant.

How does a pregnant test kit work?

You can choose either an in-stream pregnancy test stick or a cassette-based product. With an in-stream test, you insert the absorbent tip of your device into your urine stream for several seconds. Next, you lay your test on a flat surface to develop. Finally, read your result before ten minutes elapse.

Cassette-based pregnancy tests require you to collect your urine in a cup. You use the enclosed dropper to apply several drops of urine to the testing area. After a few minutes, you can check your result.

Always follow the directions that come with the pregnancy test that you use.

Can I use a paternity test kit while pregnant?

Yes. Get a head track down the father of your child and lay the groundwork for financial support. A noninvasive test is available after your eighth week of pregnancy. An amniocentesis test is available between weeks 14 and 20. Between weeks 10 and 13, an Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS) test is available. Read more at Caution: A paternity test kit when pregnant may present one or more risks to your health and pregnancy.

Can I have a pregnancy test kit positive but not pregnant?

Yes. You can receive a false positive from your pregnancy test if you have an above-average level of hCG in your system. Using an expired test, waiting too long to check your result, improper handling, and failing to follow directions are just a few ways you can get a false positive result.

What pregnancy test kit do you recommend?

Many readers choose the Equate Triple Test pregnancy kit because it gives them three different ways to test for pregnancy. First Response Triple Check is a similar product.

Can I use a home-based DNA test kit while pregnant?

No. You should discuss your need for a DNA test with your doctor or similar qualified health professional. Your healthcare partners will help you find a suitable lab or clinic to perform your test.

Using a DNA paternity test kit while pregnant may present risks, so please discuss the possibility of risk with your doctor.

Editors Note: We originally published this article on March 20, 2016. We updated for accuracy and relevance on September 11, 2020.