Pregnancy Test Walgreens: One Step, Digital Combo

An option for choosing a pregnancy test Walgreens offers includes the popular “Digital & One Step Pregnancy Tests” combo. The product comes in a blue-themed package. It gives you two ways to test. You can use both tests now or choose to use one now and one later.

Pregnancy Test Walgreens One Step, Digital Combo

Why take chances when you can test with two different pregnancy tests from Walgreens without spending money on two separate products? You get extreme value when you buy this handy pregnancy test Walgreens offers.

Pregnancy Test Walgreens
Get one analog and one digital pregnancy test in one Walgreens combo package.

Walgreens One Step Pregnancy Test

Walgreen’s Digital & One Step Pregnancy Tests product includes two test sticks. You can use these either as in-stream tests or follow the directions for testing a sample in a cup.

ALERT: This One Step Pregnancy Test is a plus-or-minus (+/-) pregnancy test. This is a different product from Walgreen’s One Step Analog Pregnancy Test. In fact, the +/- test comes from Inverness Medical and is manufactured by Abott. Syntron manufactures and distributes the Walgreens One Step analog Pregnancy Test. Furthermore, the One Step Analog device displays two lines for a positive result, whereas the One Step +/- test displays a “plus sign,” if you’re pregnant.

The Walgreens One Step +/- pregnancy test uses a proven, easy-to-read format. Many brands sell this test device, making it one of the most ubiquitous and dependable pregnancy test options.

Walgreens Digital Pregnancy Test

A digital pregnancy test eliminates the guesswork. You don’t have to wonder if your faint line means something. You don’t have to worry about evap lines.

Distributed by Inverness Medical, LLC, the Walgreens digital test gives you a clear “pregnant” or “not pregnant” result.

Which pregnancy test should I use first?

Unlike an ordinary pregnancy test Walgreens gives you two ways to test for pregnancy in one package. Such value lets you confirm your pregnancy test result using two high-quality tests.

Digital pregnancy test first

If you’ve never used a traditional pregnancy test stick, you might want to first use the Walgreens Digital Pregnancy Test.

Before you use the test, carefully read all the directions that came with your test unit.

As a courtesy, CPG Health makes the Walgreens Digital Pregnancy Test instructions available for you to read now, before you buy it.

One Step pregnancy test first

Women who have experience testing for pregnancy test might want to start with the Walgreens One Step +/- test. Even if you’ve previously used one of these tests, carefully read the directions that come with your test unit. Do it before you open the sealed pregnancy test pouch.

Thanks to the courtesy of CPG Health, you can read Walgreens One Step Pregnancy Test instructions before you buy the product.

Both on the same day

If you feel nervous about your possible pregnancy, use both test units on the same day. Just remember, if you’re testing early, you should use your first urine of the day.

By testing two different ways, you have a chance to double check your pregnancy test result.

Test now, confirm later

By trusting this pregnancy test Walgreens offers you a chance to test one way now and another way later. You should choose this method if you’ve tested early.

After all, testing early reduces the accuracy of your result.

If you test before your EMP, you should always re-test on the day of your missed period.

Other pregnancy tests Walgreens sells

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