Pregnancy Test Paraid

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Pregnancy Test Paraid

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Pregnancy Test Paraid quick facts

  • Paraid is really Para-Aid. The logo is confusing.
  • MCURE Health Solutions, Inc. seems to have not registered the Para-Aid Pregnancy Test with the FDA.
  • The Para-Aid PT is the same test that you get when you buy the original New Choice Pregnancy Test (cassette).
  • Paraid Pregnancy Test accuracy is 99% from the day of your expected period.
  • The sensitivity of the Para-Aid Pregnancy Test is 25 mIU/ml. Early results will probably be misleading.
  • Discard your test, disregarding the result, if you read your result more than 5 minutes after completing the test.
  • Nantong Edens Biotechnology Co. Ltd. Manufactures this device in China.
  • MCURE Health Solutions, Inc. Distributes this pregnancy test in the USA under many brands, including Paraid.
  • We bought our sample product in the $1 section of a nearby Dollar General store.
  • Availability of the Para-Aid Pregnancy Test may change without notice.

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