Paraid Pregnancy Test Reviews

You can buy intelligently by first reading Paraid Pregnancy Test reviews. Other women who have used the product may share their opinions and experiences of it.

Paraid Pregnancy Test Reviews

If you look online, you won’t find much information about the Paraid Pregnancy Test. Continue reading to find out what we know.

Paraid Pregnancy Test information

CPG Health presents the most complete pregnancy test information about all the brands you know and don’t know. Paraid is one of those.

Before you decide to trust this bargain-basement pregnancy test from China, find out if it meets your stringent requirements.

Paraid vs ParaAid Pregnancy Test

Many people misread the product packaging. The logo looks like the product’s name is “Paraid.” Upon closer examination, however, you will discover that the product’s brand name is actually “Para-Aid.”

Where can I buy the Para-Aid Pregnancy Test

We found our sample of the Paraid Pregnancy Test in the one-dollar section of a nearby Dollar General store. We don’t know if you can buy this brand elsewhere.

Right now, you can buy a three-pack of the Paraid Pregnancy test on Amazon for $12.95. You get free shipping, but you’ll still pay more per-item than you’ll pay if you buy the product at Dollar General.

NOTE: We can neither confirm nor guarantee availability of the Para-Aid Pregnancy Test at Dollar General or any other outlet.

Who distributes the Paraid Pregnancy Test?

According to the product’s package, MCURE Health Solutions Inc. distributes the Para-Aid Pregnancy Test.

You can correspond with the distributor by writing to:

MCURE Health Solutions Inc.
20819 Currier Rd #200
City of Industry, CA 91789

NOTE: MCURE distributes the Paraid Pregnancy Test. MCURE does not manufacture the product.

MCURE has a website:

Interestingly, MCURE doesn’t list any pregnancy tests on its product pages. We did, however, find the Para-Aid Pregnancy Test on PDF page 43 (printed page 83) of the MCURE product catalog.

According to a snippet we found on the web:

Mcure Health Solutions, Inc. is located at 20819 Currier Rd Ste 200 in City Of Industry and has been in the business of Wholesale – Medical Equipment And Supplies since 2010.

The below excerpt comes from the MCURE catalog.

Paraid Pregnancy Test at MCURE
You can find Para-Aid Pregnancy Test in the MCURE catalog.

What are the Paraid Pregnancy Test’s selling points?

MCURE lists the following highlights for the Para-Aid Pregnancy Test:

  • Easy to use.
  • Clear result.
  • Over 99% accurate at detecting typical pregnancy hormone levels from day of expected period. Note that hormone levels may vary.
  • Results in 3 minutes.

How do I read Paraid Pregnancy Test results?

A positive result is two pink lines. The intensity of the lines may vary.

A negative result is one pink line in the “C” section of your result window.

You have an invalid result if you don’t see any lines or only have one line at the “T” section of the result window.

What is the sensitivity of the Paraid Pregnancy Test?

According to MCURE, the Paraid Pregnancy Test has a sensitivity rating of 25 mIU/ml.

Who manufactures the Para-Aid Pregnancy Test?

According to some versions of Paraid packaging, Nantong Egens Biotechnology Co., LTD. manufactures the Para-Aid Pregnancy Test.

You can try calling Nantong via telephone, 86-513-85356913 to get more product information. We can’t tell you what to expect. We here at CPG Health can’t figure out how to complete a phone call to China. How expensive would it be?

Paraid Pregnancy Test from Nantong Egens Biotechnology
Nantong Egens Biotechnology Co., LTD. manufactures the Paraid Pregnancy Test.

What does the FDA say about Nantong Egens’ Paraid Pregnancy Test?

Nantong Egens Biotechnology Co has registered its product with the FDA as: “EGENS ONE STEP HCG URINE PREGNANCY TEST KIT(S) (STRIP, CASSETTE, MIDSTREAM I AND MIDSTREAM II).” Please note that this Paraid Pregnancy Test review speaks only of the cassette-based version.

Find the primary FDA listing for the product here:

You can also read the summary and decision summary for the product (K123050).

Paraid Pregnancy Test reviews


As of the publication date of this article, five Amazon customers have rated the Paraid Pregnancy Test. 76% of the ratings are “five stars.” 24% of the ratings are “one star.”

No customers have written Amazon product reviews.

Paraid Pregnancy Test reviews
No Amazon customers have written Paraid Pregnancy Test reviews.

Several eBay sellers offer the Paraid Pregnancy Test. Most of the customer feedback has no relevance to the product and the customer’s product experience.

You can browse the eBay listings here:

A couple third-party sellers offer the Para-Aid Pregnancy Test on These sellers have no association with Walmart stores.

We couldn’t find any Paraid Pregnancy Test reviews on that have relevance to the customer experience.

You may browse the listings at using the following link:

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