New Choice Pregnancy Test Evaporation Line

You want accurate results with no mistakes. No wonder you worry about getting a New Choice Pregnancy Test evaporation line!

Regardless of whether you use a mid-stream or cassette-based test, you risk splashing urine on your result window. When the liquid evaporates, sediment from your urine remains. Sometimes that sediment can look like a positive result.

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New Choice Pregnancy Test Evaptoration Line

Take a close look at the result window of your New Choice Pregnancy Test. Is it really a line, or is it an evap line? Sometimes you might not tell the difference, especially if you read a lot online about pregnancy tests.

How do I get an evaporation line?

Inserting your New Choice Plus One Step Pregnancy Test into your urine stream can cause a mess. Sure, it’s a test stick, but you still must exercise care.

Your original New Choice One Step Pregnancy Test works differently. It’s a test cassette. You need to urinate into a cup and use the dropper to apply urine to the test area. Again, you must use caution. If you get the drops in the wrong place, they may evaporate and make you think you have a postitive pregnancy test.

What is a New Choice Pregnancy Test Evaporation Line?

Urine can land on your test’s result window and evaporate. When this happens, your urine can leave behind a residue that you might mistake as a positive result.

To eliminate the possibility of having an evap line on your New Choice Plus One Step Pregnancy Test or original New Choice Pregnancy Test unit, avoid splashing urine on the result window.

To remove an evap line, simply wipe the result window with a tissue.

How do I know if it’s an evap line?

Use a cotton swap or soft cloth to rub the result window. If you have a New Choice Pregnancy Test evaporation line, it should come off. In other words, after cleaning the window, your line should disappear.

How do I avoid a New Choice Pregnancy Test evap line?

Carefully follow the directions that come with the test you use. Doing so will help you avoid splashing urine on your test’s result window.

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