New Choice Plus One Step Pregnancy Test Instructions

You want to know now. That’s why you’ve come to the leading pregnancy test website. CPG Health has published the New Choice Plus One Step Pregnancy Test instructions to help you decide whether to try the product.

New Choice Plus One Step Pregnancy Test Instructions

The New Choice Plus test is a fast, one-step, midstream test that detects chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in your urine. You use the test by urinating on its absorbant tip and then reading its results.


Read all the information that comes with our test before using it. Be sure to follow these precautions:

  • Don’t use an expired test.
  • Store in a dry location in a temperature range of 36-86℉. Never allow your test to freeze. If it freezes, discard it.
  • Don’t use your test if the foil pouch is damaged or torn before you attempt to open it.
  • Never insert your pregnancy test stick into an orifice of your body. It’s for external use only.
  • Open the sealed test pouch when you’re ready to use the test.
  • Never urinate on the result window.


Remove the test stick from its sealed pouch. Familiarize yourself with the product by identifying its absorbent tip and the control and test areas of its result window.

Uncap your New Choice Plus test stick and hold it by its thumb grip. Urinate on the absorbant tip of your test for 10 seconds, with it pointed downward.

If you have trouble inserting the tip of the test device into your urine stream, use a clean cup to catch a urine sample. Afterward, place the absorbant tip into your urine for 10 seconds.

Place the cap back onto the test device. Lay your test stick on a flat surface. Set a timer for three minutes. You should see a line in the control section of the test’s result window. If you don’t see a result, wait another minute.

Never read your result after ten minutes have passed. That amount of time invalidates your result.

Read New Choice Plus Pregnancy Test instructions

You can view the New Choice One Step Pregnancy Test Instructions in English or Spanish. CAUTION: The product’s specifications, features, and instructions may change without notice. For this reason, you should always follow the instructions that come with the test unit that you buy.

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