How accurate is New Choice Pregnancy test?

Women love the value price of New Choice Pregnancy Tests. Women also wonder about whether they should use the test. One of the most common questions we receive is, “How accurate is New Choice Pregnancy Test.

The New Choice One Step Pregnancy Test and the New Choice Plus One Step Pregnancy Test have an accuracy rating of 99%.

In other words, the tests are accurate at detecting typical pregnancy hormone levels from the day of your expected period.

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How accurate is New Choice Pregnancy Test?

Did you know that you have two choices when you choose the New Choice brand? The first, the New Choice One Step Pregnancy Test, is a cassette-based test. You use the included dropper to apply drops of your urine to the test well. You can buy this version online at Amazon.

The other, the New Choice Plus One Step Pregnancy Test is a midstream pregnancy test stick. As far as we can tell, you cannot buy the New Choice Plus test online. We bought our product sample at Rose’s Express. We cannot guarantee its availability.

What do you mean by pregnancy test accuracy?

By accuracy, we mean, what are the percentage of test results that are accurate. Ideally, every time you test, you’ll receive a negative if you’re not pregnant. Similarly, you’ll want to receive a positive if you are pregnant.

New Choice Pregnancy Tests are over 99% accurate from the day of your missed period.

Can I test early with New Choice?

The sensitivity level of the New Choice Pregnancy Tests is 25 mIU/ml urine. Most women will have at least this much human chorionic gonadotropin in their urine by the first day of their expected period.

Laboratory tests reveal that no women receive positive results with HCG levels less than 20 mIU/ml.

Don’t use the New Choice One Step Pregnancy Test to test early for pregnancy.

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