How accurate are Assured Pregnancy Tests?

So you want to know about the accuracy of Assured Pregnancy Tests? The answer may surprise you.

Despite the affordable price tag of this pregnancy test, you do not sacrifice accuracy when you use it. The test is 99% accurate from the day of your expected menstrual period (EMP).

How accurate are Assured Pregnancy Tests?

When we report that the Assured Pregnancy Test is 99% accurate, that statistic depends on several factors:

  • How well you follow the directions that come with your test.
  • When you test. Testing early diminishes the accuracy of your results (as with every test).
  • Your personal levels of the hCG hormone (both ordinary and while pregnant).

You need to understand how pregnancy tests work to get the most from your experience as either as a prospective or expectant mother.

3 myths about pregnancy tests you should ignore

It’s hard to get the most from the Assured Pregnancy Test if you get confused by some common myths that you should ignore:

  1. Pregnancy tests can be taken anytime and still produce accurate results.
  2. The Assured Pregnancy Test becomes more accurate as you allow it to develop long after using it.
  3. Some women never show a pregnancy test positive with a urine-based in-home test.

To get started, take your pregnancy test when you have a detectable level of the hCG pregnancy hormone in your system.

This involves pregnancy test sensitivity. 

Your Assured Pregnancy Test is sensitive to a level of 25 mIU per mL of urine.

Generally speaking, this means that the Assured Pregnancy Test becomes useful at 11 dpo. Most women do not achieve an hCG level of 25 mIU until 12 to 13 dpo.

Pregnant women can expect their hCG level to double every 24 to 48 hours. So, as you approach your expected period, you can count on increased accuracy with your Assured Pregnancy Tests.

Although some pregnancy tests, such as the First Response Early Result (FRER) test, have higher sensitivities to hCG, the consensus is that a woman cannot absolutely conclude that she’s pregnant without an hCG level of 25 mIU.

So, as you shop for a pregnancy test, you can decide to either pay more to detect two or three days earlier than you can with other tests or save money by testing with the Assured Pregnancy Test.

In short, when you ask, “How accurate are Assured pregnancy tests?”, the answer is “99 percent accurate from the day of your expected period.”

When you ask about pregnancy test sensitivity, the answer is that Assured pregnancy tests aren’t as sensitive as First Response. Still, the added benefit they provide may not be worth the higher price that you pay.

Don’t let your test sit too long

Letting your Assured Pregnancy Test sit too long after exposing it to your urine can cause you to get faulty results.

For this reason, never trust a result that appears (or disappears) after five minutes.

All women are different… but…

Urine-based home pregnancy tests are accurate for over 95 percent of all women. The key is to take the test using the directions that accompany your test unit. Of course some women will always produce unreliable results, but those are in the minority.

If you have any questions about your pregnancy or the results you got from your Assured Pregnancy Test, discuss them with your doctor or similar healthcare professional.

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