FRER Digital Sensitivity

You’re a potential mother, so you want to know as soon as possible. You also want, however, a sensitive test that doesn’t compromise accuracy with early result pregnancy testing. FRER Digital Sensitivity gives you what you want. Continue reading to learn more.

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FRER Digital Sensitivity

You deserve to know now. That’s how we feel. Fortunately, when you choose FRER Digital, you’ll have a good chance for accurate early results.

What the heck is FRER Digital?

You might not have heard of the FRER Digital Pregnancy Test. Don’t worry. “FRER” is shorthand for First Response Early Result Digital Pregnancy Test. Some women prefer to use FRER when typing because it’s short and sweet.

The product’s distributor also uses the moniker, “FIRST RESPONSE Gold™ Digital Pregnancy Test” to refer to FRER Digital.

What is the FRER (First Response Digital) Sensitivity?

FIRST RESPONSE Gold™ Digital Pregnancy Test is one of the most sensitive digital pregnancy tests on the market.

Manufacturer sensitivity claims

According to Church & Dwight Co., Inc., the distributors of FRER Digital, “Church & Dwight Co., Inc.,

In laboratory testing, Digital Pregnancy Test detected pregnancy hormone levels in 60% of pregnant women 5 days before their expected period. See package for details about testing early.

In fact, the company also claims that FRER Digital sensitivity makes it the only digital pregnancy test that lets you test six days earlier than your expected period (Five days before the day of your EMP).

FDA sensitivity information

Documents filed by Church & Dwight with the FDA state the following:

The analytical sensitivity of the device (the lowest concentration that yields 100% positive results) is 10 mIU/ml and the analytical cut-off level at which approximately half of the devices yield positive results and the remainder yield negative results is 6 mIU/mL.

At the FDA website, you can read the whole report to learn more about FRER Digital. You’ll see all the technical specifications of the FRER digital and see the manufacturer’s lab test results.

Other FDA information

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In-depth FRER Digital Pregnancy Test Review

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Learning more

Now that you know about FRER Digital sensitivity, read more about First Response Pregnancy Tests right here at CPG Health.

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