First Response Pregnancy Test Review

First Response Pregnancy Test tells you if you’re pregnant 6 days sooner than your missed period.

Built with First-To-Detect Technology, the First Response Pregnancy Test has set a new standard for reliability in the pregnancy test market.

When you buy the First Response test, you will discover its ease of use and accuracy; features that have made First Response one of the top brands in the nation.

First Response Pregnancy Test review

You can buy the First Response product in a convenient two-pack. You can use the first test and save the other one in case something goes wrong with your first try or you want to try again next month.

Regardless, when you buy the First Response brand, you get the name recognition and quality that millions have already enjoyed.

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Taking the FRER Test

You can easily take the First Response Pregnancy Test.

All you do is put the tip of the stick into your urine, for five seconds. After that, you wait for three minutes and read the test. Two lines in the test result window mean a positive test result.  If you see only a single line, you tested negative for pregnancy.

Accuracy of the First Response Test

The First Response Pregnancy Test provides results with 99 percent accuracy, based on normal hormone levels. Normal hormone levels naturally vary from one person to another, so if you happen to have low levels of the HCG pregnancy hormone, you might get a false result. All over-the-counter pregnancy tests have this important issue.

The Equate Brand Pregnancy Test vs. First Response

If you want to save money, you can try the Equate Pregnancy Test. This test works just like the First Response product, except it provides results after two minutes. Also, the Equate Test says it lets you test 5 days sooner, rather than 6 days sooner.

The Equate Test is not manufactured or distributed by Church & Dwight Co., Inc. or Amkel LLC, distributor of the First Response Pregnancy Test.

Another pregnancy test, the Equate One Step Pregnancy Test, also gives fast results and works like e.p.t.

If you have trouble performing the test, or if you think your test gives you false results, quickly see a doctor.

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