FIRST RESPONSE Comfort Check Pregnancy Test, 8 Count, Pink & White

Pregnancy tests with individually wrapped HCG Test Strips that are simple to use and discreet. Clinically proven to detect accurately hCG with over 99% accuracy as early as 5 days after a missed period. Complete results in just 5 minutes.

FIRST RESPONSE Comfort Check Pregnancy Test

The First Response pregnancy test is highly sensitive and can detect pregnancy hormones as early as 6 days before a missed period. According to an independent study, First Response has a sensitivity level of 6.3 mIU/ml, which means it detects pregnancies up to six days before you miss your period.

The FIRST RESPONSE Pregnancy Test can detect all forms of the pregnancy hormone, including hCG, hCG-H, ß-hCG, and hCGßcf2.

What do I get with First Response Comfort Check?

First, you get 8 tests (3 test sticks and 5 test strips). You can use these to give you the comfort you need while making decisions for the future. You don’t have to guess whether you have an accurate test because you can test again and again!

TEST YOUR CONDITION EASILY: This pack of 8 tests includes 3 First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test Sticks and 5 Pregnancy Test Strips that provide personalized options to fit your condition

PEACE OF MIND: Test as early as 6 days before your missed period with First Response Early Result for even greater reassurance

OVER 99% ACCURACY: Starting on the date of your missed period. 3 Because it pays off to know the right answer for pregnancy tests.

PRIVATE & CONVENIENT: Each First Response Pregnancy Test Strip is individually wrapped, designed for testing anywhere, anytime, and is handy when you seek certainty

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