Family Wellness Pregnancy Test Faint Line

Some pregnancy test results seem confusing. It’s nice to see either a deep dark line or no line at all. That way you have confidence that you are pregnant or not. When you get a Family Wellness Pregnancy Test faint line, does that mean that you’re “sort of” pregnant? Not really.

Family Wellness Pregnancy Test faint line

Over-the-counter pregnancy tests come in the form of test strips, midstream test sticks, and cassettes with droppers. They all work similarly, using a paper-like strip that’s sensitive to the pregnancy hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG).

How the Family Wellness Pregnancy Test works

The Family Wellness Pregnancy Test uses a plastic stick so users can conveniently expose the test strip to their urine stream.

After exposure to urine, chemicals within the test strip will change color to show hCG. A control section of the strip helps to rule-out material defects while testing for pregnancy.

Variations in test results

As an Early Result pregnancy test, the Family Wellness device has a sensitivity of 10 mIU/ml. If one milliliter of your urine contains at least ten milli-International Units of hCG, your test will produce a positive result.

If you have a borderline amount of hCG in your urine, the Family Dollar Pregnancy Test may display a faint positive.

Also, due to variations in the manufacturing process, some pregnancy test units may display results darker than others.

So, what does a faint positive mean?

In most cases, a Family Wellness Pregnancy Test faint line represents a positive result. As with a dark line, you may sometimes receive a false positive.

  • Your body has a naturally high level of hCG.
  • You didn’t properly follow the instructions that came with your test.
  • Certain substances in your urine cause the test to deliver a spurious result.
  • If urine splashed onto your test’s result window, you could misinterpret an evap line as a faint positive.

Does a pregnancy test faint positive indicate a miscarriage?

A faint positive does not indicate that you were pregnant and have miscarried. If you think that you’ve had a miscarriage or a so-called “chemical” pregnancy, contact a medical professional.

Test again

If you test early and receive a positive result, test again on the first day of your missed period to confirm your result.

See a doctor

Ask a doctor or similar qualified medical professional if you have questions about pregnancy or your pregnancy test results.

Learn more

You can learn more about the Family Wellness Pregnancy Test by reading the FDA’s product summary.