Family Dollar Pregnancy Test Review

NOTE: In November 2023, Family Dollar issued a recall for it’s VeriQuik Pregnancy Test. Read more about it at the U.S. FDA website.

You can find out if you’re pregnant in the privacy of your home without spending a lot of money. The Family Dollar Pregnancy Test review provides you with the information you need to make a good buying decision.

Similarly, the Family Dollar Pregnancy Test has an impressive sensitivity level, making it a perfect choice for a woman like you.

If you’re asking, “How do I know if I’m pregnant?”, this product may be your answer.

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CPG Health Family Dollar Pregnancy Test Review

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What does the Family Dollar Pregnancy Test do?

Your Family Dollar brand pregnancy test helps you find out whether you are pregnant without having to pay for an expensive visit to the doctor.

Over-the-counter pregnancy tests, such as the Family Dollar Pregnancy Test, give women high accuracy at a value price.

Why should I buy a pregnancy test at Family Dollar?

You can save money when you buy a Family Dollar Pregnancy Test because the brand doesn’t have overhead expenses such as advertising and celebrity endorsements.

The Family Dollar test gives you an affordable way to get an accurate pregnancy test.

When you buy this product, you’ll get a high-quality test that matches the sensitivity and accuracy of expensive brands.

What is Family Dollar Pregnancy Test sensitivity?

Regarding pregnancy tests, sensitivity refers to the amount of the hCG pregnancy hormone present in your urine required to make the test show a positive result.

Family Dollar pregnancy test sensitivity is 10 mIU/ml, which is at the upper end of the scale.

After conception, your hCG levels slowly begin to increase, but soon double every 48 hours.

A test with a lower mIU will give you a positive result up to two days earlier than a standard OTC pregnancy test can provide

What is an IU?

International Units (IU) is a standard measurement of vitamins, drugs, and supplements. One IU is a quantity of a substance that produces an effect. Therefore, you can’t convert IUs into other measurements such as milligrams.

For example, 1000 IU Vitamin A has a different weight than 1000 IU of Vitamin C would have.  IU is a measure of potency determined by international committees.

So, the Family Dollar mIU of 10 means that it will detect your urine when it has a concentration of .010 IU of the hCG hormone.

Does the pregnancy test at Family Dollar give early results?

You need to know that the term “early result” regarding a pregnancy test can cause confusion.

Generally, an “early result” test has the same sensitivity and accuracy ratings as tests that don’t make the “early result” claim.

Pregnancy tests can make an “early result” claim because they put a disclosure marked with an asterisk (*) on the product package, usually in fine print.

The Family Dollar test has an accuracy rate greater than 99% from the day of your expected period, just like First Response. When you test early, you might get a negative, even if you are pregnant.

If your body naturally has a high level of the hCG pregnancy hormone, you might receive a false positive when using the Family Wellness Early Result Pregnancy Test.

Pregnancy Test at Family Dollar: Testing early

Read the claim on the side of the box before using the Family Dollar Pregnancy Test.

Can I get a false negative on my Family Dollar Pregnancy Test?

Yes. If the level of the hCG pregnancy hormone in your body is not high enough to trigger a positive result, you can expect to get a negative result, even if you are pregnant.

What causes a Family Dollar Pregnancy Test false positive result?

You can get a Family Dollar Pregnancy Test False positive for various reasons:

  • You could have a naturally high hCG level. Hormone levels vary among women, so you might be one of the few females who have a high base level of hCG.
  • You might have a medical condition that causes abnormally high levels of the hCG pregnancy hormone.
  • Failing to follow your Family Dollar Pregnancy Test instructions can cause your test to show a false positive result. For example, waiting for longer than 10 minutes to read your test can lead to an invalid result.
  • A Family Dollar Pregnancy Test evaporation line can occur where your urine has evaporated from the test surface, causing you to misinterpret the line as a positive test result. A positive result line will have a color that you can easily distinguish from a Family Dollar Pregnancy Test evap line.
  • Medications you are taking could cause your pregnancy test to erroneously confirm your pregnancy.
  • Defective test units are uncommon, but when you have a bad test, it could incorrectly measure the amount of hCG in your urine.

How much is a pregnancy test at Family Dollar?

Family Dollar sells several pregnancy tests, including nationally marketed brands. At the store nearest CPG Health offices, the Family Dollar brand pregnancy test costs $4 before sales tax. The price of the two-pack Family Dollar Pregnancy Test is $7 before tax.

Family Dollar Pregnancy Test directions

The Early Result Pregnancy Test at Family Dollar gives you an easy-to-use, quick way to test for pregnancy from the privacy of your home.Family Dollar Pregnancy Test directions give you an easy-to-read, step-by-step process for finding out if you are pregnant.

Family Dollar Pregnancy Test Instructions: Summary

Complete the one-step test by holding the tip of the test in your urine stream for five seconds.

Next, lay the test on a flat surface and wait for five minutes. Check your pregnancy test device for your result.

Don’t trust a positive result if it appears after ten minutes have elapsed. A faint line counts as a positive result.

In summary, a positive pregnancy result has a line in both the control window and in the result window. A negative result has a line in the control window and no line in the result window.

CPG Health has published a separate article about Family Wellness Pregnancy Test Directions.

Read Family Dollar Pregnancy Test Directions

You can make a better buying decision if you read the directions first. As a courtesy to our subscribers and visitors, we have Family Dollar Pregnancy Test instructions available here in English and in Spanish.

CPG Health provides these for reference only. Always follow the Family Dollar Pregnancy Test directions that come with your unit.


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Editors Note

This article was initially published on October 20, 2016. Since then, the Family Dollar Pregnancy Test has changed. It’s now a device that’s manufactured in China by Guangzhou Wondfo Biotech Co., Ltd.

In the USA, the current version of the Family Wellness Early Result Pregnancy Test is distributed by Midwood Brands, LLC and sold by Family Dollar stores.

As of June 12, 2020, this article contains up-to-date information about the Family Dollar Pregnancy Test.

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