Faint Negative Line on Rexall Pregnancy Test

Don’t complicate your pregnancy test. If you see a faint negative line on Rexall Pregnancy Test, you’re not pregnant.

Pregnancy tests may vary from one batch to another. Therefore, accept any result that has a valid control line.

Faint negative line on Rexall Pregnancy Test

Rexall One Step Pregnancy Tests provide a visible plus (+) or (-) result. A plus sign represents a positive result. A negative result looks like a minus sign.

If you have properly tested for pregnancy, you will have a control line in the “control” section of your result window. On the Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test, you’ll also see either a positive or negative result.

How do I find the negative line on Rexall Pregnancy Test?

Check out the below diagram to look in the proper place for your positive or negative pregnancy test result.

Use the diagram to find your control window and result window on your Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test.
This diagram will help you find the faint negative line on Rexall Pregnancy Test.

What does a negative pregnancy test result look like?

If you’re using the Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test, you’ll see one blue line in the oval control window and a blue minus sign in the round result window.

As long as you have followed your Rexall Pregnancy Test directions, a faint negative line indicates a negative test result.

I think I might be pregnant, but I got a negative result

Never take chances with your health. Contact your doctor if you have questions about your pregnancy or your pregnancy test result.

What can affect the accuracy of my pregnancy test result?

The following factors can affect the accuracy of your test result:

  • Pointing the absorbent tip upward.
  • Using an expired test unit (check the expiration date on your package before using your test).
  • Testing early. Always test again on the day of your expected period to confirm your early pregnancy test result.
  • Waiting over ten minutes to read your result. You should see your result in as little as two minutes.
  • Failure to follow directions. Always read your Rexall pregnancy test instructions before testing.
  • An unusually high or low level of hCG in your system.
  • Certain medical conditions and drug interactions can affect your pregnancy test result.

How can I learn more about the Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test?

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