Equate Triple Test Pregnancy Test Kit

With pregnancy, how sure do you want to be? Sure enough to try several different pregnancy tests? If that sounds like you, you must get the Equate Triple Test Pregnancy Test Kit.

Equate designed the Triple Test to compete with the trademarked First Response Triple Check.

Equate Triple Test Pregnancy Test Kit

Equate packages three different pregnancy test sticks inside a single package to give you exeptional value for your money and peace of mind.

Different pregnancy tests come from different manufactures. Therefore, they may work in slightly different ways. Also, sometimes you get a defective test. If you have three tests on hand, you improve your chance of getting an accurate result.

Equate's popular Triple Test gives you three different ways to test.
Test three ways on one day or on three days with the Equate Triple Test PT2 kit.

Equate Triple Test Contents

Inside the Triple Test package, you’ll find one each of the following pregnancy tests:

  1. Early Result Pregnancy Test.
  2. One Step Pregnancy Test.
  3. Digital Yes + / No – Test.

How do I use the Equate Triple Test?

Each pregnancy test comes with its own set of instructions. Use one pregnancy test at a time. You can take all three tests on the same day, or you can use your tests in staggered intervals.

With three different ways to test for pregnancy, you get the best chance at an accurate result.

More about the Triple Test from Equate

You get three fast, accurate, and convenient ways to test for pregnancy when you choose the Equate Triple Test Pregnancy Test Kit. Inside the packaged, you will find an Early Result Test, a One Step Test, and a Digital Yes+/No- Test.

Each test that comes with the kit has a 99-percent accuracy rating. They detect typical pregnancy hormone levels. Hormone levels vary among women. Therefore, contact your doctor or similar qualified health professional if you have any doubts about your pregnancy or the quality of your test results.

You might feel challenged as you try to make the right health decision. Fortunately, Equate can help. The brand provides reliable pregnancy tests alongside a range of OTC health products.

Are Equate pregnancy tests reliable?

Equate pregnancy tests come with a satisfaction guarantee. Women depend on Equate pregnancy tests because of the brand’s proven track record. You can depend on Equate to supply you with reliable pregnancy tests that provide accurate results when used properly.

Can pregnancy test kit can be wrong?

You may receive a false positive or negative result while using any home pregnancy test, including the devices that comprise the Equate Triple Test.

Testing early, failing to follow directions, using expired tests, and misinterpreting evap lines all contribute to potentially misleading results.

How long do Equate pregnancy tests take?

Expect to spend ten minutes or less (not counting the time required to read your pregnancy test instructions). Most of the time, you can receive a result within three minutes.

Do check Walmart pregnancy tests work?

You can use Equate pregnancy tests from Walmart to check for pregnancy from the privacy of your home. Such convenience helps you make vital health-related decisions.

Equate Triple Test Pregnancy Reviews

Some Walmart customers who have bought the Equate Triple Test product have shared their experience in the form of Equate Triple Test Pregnancy Test reviews. Here’s a summary of what they have to say.

Some reviewers report that they received accurate results using the product. Unfortunately, in their reviews, most users haven’t separately assessed the three devices that come inside the package.

Speed ranks among the top-rated features of the Triple Test. Women often report receiving results in less than a minute, far more quickly that the maximum 10-minute waiting period.

Unhappy customers have a tendency to leave more reviews than happy customers. With Equate Triple Test Pregnancy reviews, that rule holds true.

Women who complain about the test say that all three test sticks showed a negative while Clearblue correctly showed a positive. Similarly, some Walmart customers say that they received a false positive while nationally marketed pregnancy tests accurately showed a negative.

Remember that, out of the hundreds of thousands of women who have used the Equate Triple Test, only a handful have written a product review. Therefore, exercise caution when making a buying choice based on what reviewers say.

Equate Triple Test Pregnancy Test Kit

Equate’s Triple Test Pregnancy Test Kit gives you three easy-to-use tests that you can use to check for pregnancy quickly.

Each test, the One Step Pregnancy Test, the Early Result Pregnancy Test, and the Digital Pregnancy Test detect pregnancy with 99 percent accuracy from the day of your expected period.

Always follow the instructions that come with your pregnancy test units.

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