Equate Pregnancy Test

When you want to find out if you’re pregnant, you don’t want to take chances. Still, you want to save money without compromising quality. Equate Pregnancy Test products give you the best of both worlds: accuracy, convenience, reliability, and value.

What is the Equate Pregnancy Test?

The Equate Pregnancy Test is a family of products sold by Walmart under its in-house label. Since multiple tests are available from Equate, you need to decide which one to choose. Here’s a summary:

  • Equate Early Result Pregnancy Test – This in-stream test can give you results up to five days sooner than many standard pregnancy tests (four days before your expected period. A positive result has a line in the “Control” section and a line in the “Result” section of the window.
  • Equate Eq +/- Pregnancy Test – Also known as the Equate Plus Minus Pregnancy Test (aka, Equate One Step Pregnancy Test), this test simplifies reading your result. A plus sign (+) appears, if you’re pregnant, to remove ambiguity.
  • Equate Digital Pregnancy Test – Get the modern convenience of a digital LCD display that eliminates the confusion of evap lines and faint lines. When you choose this test, your device will show the word “Pregnant” if you have a positive result. If you have a negative result, the digital display will say, “Not Pregnant.”
  • Equate Triple Test Pregnancy Test Kit – You can get three different Equate Tests in one box. You can use the One Step, Early Result, and Digital test at the same time or test for pregnancy on three separate days. This pregnancy test kit lets you confirm your results in three ways with one convenient purchase.

With five choices from Equate, you can confidently choose the test that’s right for you.

Going further

Do you want to learn more about Equate home tests for pregnancy? Visit Walmart.com.