Equate Pregnancy Test No Lines

Have the results from your pregnancy test confused you? Nothing can be more frustrating than Equate Pregnancy Test no lines.

After completing your pregnancy test, you should see at least one line on your test device. Known as the “control line,” the line serves to confirm that you have a valid result.

Equate Pregnancy Test No Lines

If you have an Equate Pregnancy Test result with no lines result, disregard your result. Something has gone wrong. Unless you’ve used the Equate Digital Pregnancy Test.

No lines on your Equate Pregnancy Test means an invalid result (unless you're using an Equate digital test).
No lines is an invalid pregnancy test result.

Some explanations for your no-lines result are:

  • You’ve used an expired test device. Please buy a new test. Check the expiration date on the package before performing your test.
  • You didn’t perform your test properly. Please re-read the directions that came with your pregnancy test and carefully follow them.
  • Your test is defective. If your test has a manufacturing defect, it could give you a no-lines result.
  • You used the Equate Digital Pregnancy Test. That test doesn’t have any lines. Instead, you read the result on a digital display.

Equate’s satisfaction guarantee

If you suspect that something is wrong with your Equate Pregnancy Test. Equate provides a satisfaction guarantee.

To take advantage of the guarantee, you may either call the telephone number listed on your product’s package or you can return your pregnancy test to a nearby Walmart store.

Sometimes, Walmart might offer you a full refund or a store credit. Sometimes, you will qualify to receive a replacement unit.

About the Equate Pregnancy Test

Walmart offers several versions of its OTC pregnancy test. As of the date of this publication, you may choose:

  • Equate One Step Pregnancy Test (also known as the Equate +/- test).
  • Equate Early Result Pregnancy Test.
  • Equate First Signal One Step Pregnancy Test.
  • Equate Triple Test Pregnancy Test Kit.
  • Equate Digital Pregnancy Test.

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