Equate Plus Minus Pregnancy Test

Equate +/- Pregnancy Test

Walmart sells the Inverness Medical’s One Step Pregnancy Test under the Equate brand. The test provides a distinctive plus sign (+) in the result window to reflect a positive result. For a negative result, the test device displays a minus sign (-) in the result window. As with most home pregnancy tests, the Equate Plus Minus Pregnancy test uses a control line to confirm a valid result.

Equate Plus Minus Pregnancy Test

Also known as the One Step Pregnancy Test, the Equate +/- Pregnancy Test package contains a test stick that’s identical to the Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test. Therefore, if you can’t find the Equate One Step Pregnancy Test at Walmart, you’ll get the same thing if you buy the Rexall product at Dollar General.

About the Equate +/- Pregnancy Test

When you choose the Equate One Step Pregnancy Test, you can test five days before your missed period.

See the image below taken from product packaging to see a chart that describes how testing early affects accuracy.

The Equate One Step Pregnancy Test is over 99 percent accurate from the day of your missed period.

What affects Equate +/- Pregnancy Test accuracy?

Besides testing early, several factors affect the accuracy of your Equate Plus Minus Pregnancy Test. For instance, some women may have an above- or below-average level of the hCG pregnancy hormone in their system. These fluctuations may cause false positives or negatives.

Failing to follow the instructions that come with your pregnancy test can also affect accuracy. For instance, reading your result too soon or too late may provide you with inaccurate information.

Other factors such as pointing your test stick upwards and using an expired product can also affect the quality of your result.

How does Equate +/- compare to Clearblue?

Equate labels this one step pregnancy test as comparable to Clearblue. Keep in mind that Inverness Medical, LLC manufactures the Clearblue +/- Pregnancy Test. However, that test may not be identical to the Equate test.

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