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You can decide when you get pregnant. Right? Use the Equate Ovulation Test to get pregnant now! Women around the country have depended on Equate to predict their ovulation as part of their fertility program. Unlike the Equate Pregnancy Test product, the ovulation predictor kit (OPK) doesn’t tell you if you are pregnant. Instead, the Equate Ovulation Predictor helps you know when you have your best chance to become pregnant.

Based on the information you get from your Equate Ovulation Test results, you will know when to have intercourse the most to maximize your chance for conception.

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According to the Equate Ovulation Test reviews that CPG Health has published, the Equate Ovulation Test works much in the same way as the nationally marketed Clear Blue Ovulation Test, with the exception that the Equate product is not digital. When you follow the Walmart brand ovulation test instructions perfectly, you will discover the two best days for you to have sex for conception.

You need Equate OPK instructions? Scroll down until you see links to the Spanish and English versions of the Walmart brand ovulation test instructions. These instructions are the same as Walmart brand ovulation test instructions (Equate is a Walmart brand).

Equate Ovulation Test: Why you need it

Stop guessing! You can manually track your ovulation, but this Equate Ovulation Predictor Kit (OPK) replaces your guesswork into scientific information. The Equate Ovulation Predictor is a one-step urine-based test that operates much like a pregnancy test. The package includes seven test strips and instructions that will help you get pregnant on your schedule.

Follow the Equate Ovulation Test directions that come inside the box to make sure you get the best possible result. As a courtesy, we have placed a link to the Spanish and English Walmart brand ovulation test instructions for this product further down on this page (Equate is a Walmart brand).

Get results in three minutes with this test. Save money over buying the nationally marketed brand. As a national brand, Equate ranks among the top five most recognizable brand of OTC health and beauty products. People have trusted Equate for quality, value, and accuracy for decades, so you should too.

How to Use the Equate Ovulation Test

Are you having trouble getting pregnant? If so, you might just have bad timing. The Equate Ovulation Test helps you find your most fertile time, so you know exactly when you should do “it” the most.

You might scream, if you’ve ever checked the price on Clearblue, the nationally marketed early ovulation test because it costs more than you want to pay. The Equate brand ovulation test makes things better: you get a test, in a convenient seven-pack, that works just like the Clearblue ovulation test, at a price you can afford. Now, imagine that!

Equate Early Ovulation Test

Equate Ovulation Test – How it Works

If you want to become pregnant, but have difficulty getting the timing right, the Equate Early Ovulation Test might help you. The test differs from the Equate Pregnancy Test because it does not attempt to confirm pregnancy. Instead, the early ovulation test helps you determine when you have the best chance of becoming pregnant.

Before you buy the Equate Ovulation Predictor, you need to know some basic facts about the test:

  • 99-percent accuracy
  • Results in three minutes
  • Test at any time of day

The test works by looking for the luteinizing hormone (LH) in your urine. When you have higher LH levels, you can expect your ovary to release an egg within 24 to 36 hours. For you to get pregnant, you need to have an egg accessible to sperm. To make sure you can plan to have intercourse at the time of ovulation, use this test. Armed with the results of the ovulation test, you can ensure that you have sex on your two most fertile days.

Read the Equate Ovulation Test Directions in Spanish.

Read the Equate Ovulation Test Directions in English.

CAUTION: Product specifications, instructions, and cautions may change without notice. ALWAYS follow the instructions and observe the warnings that come with the test that you use. CPG Health provides this information for informational purposes only, so our subscribers can make a good buying decision. We offer no express or implied warranty regarding any of the information supplied on this page.

Walmart brand ovulation test instructions

Get ready to take the test, and then remove the wrapper. Next, remove the cap. Point the stick down, with the absorbent tip pointed toward the floor. Place the tip in your urine stream for five seconds. If you can’t seem to get the tip into your urine while you urinate, pee into a cup and then hold the tip of your test into the urine for twenty seconds.

For the second step, while keeping the absorbent tip pointing down, replace the cap, and lay the test device flat. After 3 minutes, read the test. Dispose of the test after ten minutes.

Equate Ovulation Test Positive

Compare the color of the lines in the results window, not the thickness of the lines. Keep in mind, the reference line is on the side of the window that is opposite the arrow. Your results line is next to the arrow.

If the color of your results (LH surge) line is the same as, or darker than, the control line, your LH has surged, and you should have intercourse within the next 48 hours to maximize your chance of getting pregnant.

If the color of your results (LH surge) line is lighter than the control line, your LH surge is not present. This means that you have an Equate Ovulation Test negative. Continue testing daily until you get a positive result.

Equate Ovulation Test – Next Step

When you think you might be pregnant,the VeriQuick Pregnancy Test will give you fast, reliable results and an experience similar to either the e.p.t. Pregnancy Test or the First Response Pregnancy Test. Either way, you save on paying for the brand name, while still getting the high quality and dependability.

If you’re interested in using the VeriQuick test, learn about it’s mIU sensitivity right here at CPG Health.

Equate Ovulation Test Helps You Get Pregnant

Do you want to get pregnant?  Will Nature cooperate? Get the Equate Brand Ovulation Predictor. The Equate brand ovulation test cannot change your body. It gives you the power to harness your body. It helps you get pregnant, so buy it today.

Easily Get Pregnant with the Equate Ovulation Test

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The Equate Ovulation Predictor Kit alerts you to your best time to try to conceive. It tells you minutes after use. Compare this to the Clearblue ovulation test.

How Equate Brand Ovulation Predictors Work

Ovulation predictors like Clearblue and Equate work by looking for luteinizing hormone (LH). It is a hormone whose level increases before ovulation. When your test indicates an LH surge, your ovulation will soon begin.

This information tells you when you need to have sex. Follow the result to improve your chance of pregnancy. Knowing that you can predict your ovulation gives you the advantage over traditional ovulation calculator methods that can only confirm when ovulation has already occurred.

The LH surge handles releasing the egg into the fallopian tube, setting the stage for pregnancy if you “do it” during that critical time.

Reading the Equate Brand Ovulation Predictor

Using the Equate Ovulation Test is easy. It is a two-step test:

  1. Take the test at any time of day. Hold the device with the soft tip was facing downward in your urine stream for five seconds. Put the cap back on, and then lay the test on a flat surface.
  2. Reading Equate Ovulation Test results: If the LH Surge line is the same color as the reference line or darker, you should ovulate within the next 24 to 36 hours. Have sexual intercourse within 48 hours of your test, to maximize your chance of becoming pregnant. If the LH Surge Line is not the same color or darker than the Equate Ovulation Test control line, you know that this is not the optimal time to conceive.

More about the Equate Brand Ovulation Test

Some medications or medical conditions affect your test results. These include Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).  For more information and any questions, see your physician. You might also check with your gynecologist.

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