Equate Digital Pregnancy Test

Stop stressing over pregnancy by choosing the Equate Digital Pregnancy Test. You can test as early as five days before your missed period and read your result on a clear digital screen.

Equate labels this product as an alternative to the ClearBlue Digital Pregnancy Test.

Equate Digital Pregnancy Test

Like most home pregnancy tests, this digital test by Equate checks the level of the hCG pregnancy hormone in your urine. If your level of hCG increases, beyond a certain level, you can assume that you’re pregnant.

Read all the directions that come with your test unit before you attempt to test for pregnancy. Essentially, you expose the absorbent tip of your test into your urine stream. Always point the device downward while placing it in a convenient position on a flat surface to wait for your result.


The Equate digital test supplies you with over 99 percent accuracy on the day of your missed period.

Testing early adversely affects the accuracy of your result.

For instance, if you test 5 days early (4 days before your expected period), you can expect to have 51 percent accuracy.

Testing 4 days early (3 days before your expected period) increases the accuracy of your test results increases to 82%.

Testing 3 days early (2 days before your expected period) supplies you with 90% accuracy. If you use your test 2 days early (1 day before your expected period), the accuracy of your result increases to 95%.


The sensitivity of this digital pregnancy test has a sensitivity of 25 mIU/ml, which is the same sensitivity as the Equate Early Result Pregnancy Test. This means that the test will display a positive result if you have 25 milli International Unit of hCG per milliliter of urine.

Equate Digital Pregnancy Test reviews

Some women who have tried the Equate Digital Pregnancy Test have shared their experiences in the form of product reviews.

For the most part, users report having a good experience with the test. They say that the directions are easy to follow and that they have received an accurate result.

Among the positive reviews, you’ll find women who say that they’ve received early results as soon as 11 days after conception.

Some women say that they received accurate results with this product than they’ve received with national brands such as Clearblue.

Of course, you can expect that some women didn’t have a good experience with Equate’s digital test. A common complaint is that users receive a false positive result, something that can happen with practically any over-the-counter pregnancy test.

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