Earliest Detection Pregnancy Test

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Which is the earliest detection pregnancy test?

You will get the earliest pregnancy detection from the First Response Pregnancy Test and the First Response Gold Pregnancy Test. Both have identical specifications for sensitivity and accuracy (10 mIU/mL, 60%). The difference between the two tests are priced and how they display your result.

What’s the earliest a pregnancy test can detect?

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Both tests come with the highest level of sensitivity to the pregnancy test hormone (hCG).

Both tests allow you to test 6 Days early!

This means that you’ll be able to spend more time planning and less time worrying.

Earliest test to detect pregnancy

As a general rule, hCG can first be detected in your urine 6 to 12 days after fertilization. Remember: Fertilization can’t occur unless you’re ovulating.

A First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test can give you a positive result with 60% accuracy 6 days early, which is 5 days before your expected menstrual period.

Use your personal ovulation and cycle statistics to calculate your expected period and use that as a basis for when to test for pregnancy.

More about the Earliest Detection Pregnancy Test

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Simply put, the amount of pregnancy hormone in your body starts to increase after conception.

After a while, it doubles every two to three days. 

So, although you can’t test for pregnancy immediately after sex, you can find out early if you have a pregnancy test that is extremely sensitive to hCG.

Also, remember that sperm in your body could take as long as five days to implant, so your conception date may be later than you think it is.

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