Dollar General Pregnancy Test vs Paraid Pregnancy Test

You can uncover some fantastic deals at Dollar General. If you’re a potential mother, look for your pregnancy test while you’re in the store. As you shop, you may find two similar tests and wonder, “What’s the difference between the Dollar General Pregnancy Test and the Paraid Pregnancy Test?”

Both products have a similar price tag, and the pictures on the box also look similar.

One thing both tests have in common is their configuration. These are both cassette based pregnancy tests. In other words, you can’t use them in your urine stream.

Instead, you’ll collect a urine sample in a clean cup and use the enclosed dropper to apply your urine to the testing device.

Now that we’ve explained the similarites of the two pregnancy tests, let’s consider what makes them different.

Dollar General Pregnancy Test vs Paraid Pregnancy Test

Both of these cassette-based pregnancy tests come at a value price. Which one should you choose?

Most likely, you can’t go wrong with either one. Still, to have the best chance for an accurate result, potential mothers deserve to know everything possible about their pregnancy test.

Take a few moments to learn vital information about each product.

Paraid Pregnancy Test

We found our sample of the Para-Aid Pregnancy Test in the $1 section of DG (not in the health aisle).

The Paraid Pregnancy Test (officially known as the PARA-AID Pregnancy Test) has the same specifications as the Dollar General Pregnancy Test. This is a cassette-based pregnancy test that comes with a dropper. In other words, this isn’t a mid-stream pregnancy test.

Paraid Manufacturer and Distributor

The Paraid Pregnancy Test is manufactured by Nantong Egens Biotechnology Co. Ltd. MCURE Health Solutions, Inc. distributes the test to various retailers.

Learn more about pregnancy test manufactures by searching the FDA’s Establishment Registration and Device Listing database.

Paraid FDA records

The Para-Aid Pregnancy Test is registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration under the name, “EGENS One Step HCG Urine Pregnancy Test Kit (Cassette).” Read about it under FDA document number K123050.

Dollar General One Step Pregnancy Test

You can most likely find DG Health’s One Step Pregnancy Test in the health aisle of your local Dollar General store.

The product has features and specifications that are nearly identical to the Paraid Pregnancy Test.

DG Pregnancy Test manufacturer

ABON BIOPHARM (HANGZHOU) CO., LTD. manufactures the Dollar General Pregnancy Test. You can learn more about Abbott and pregnancy tests made by the company in the FDA Database.

IThe product is registered with the FDA as “Dollar General Health One Step Pregnancy Test Cassette.”

DG Health Pregnancy Test distributor

INVERNESS MEDICAL, LLC. is a repackager/distributor who supplies this product to DOLGENCORP, LLC. (Learn more about Iverness Medical).

DOLGENCORP, LLC. distributes this One Step Pregnancy Test Cassette to Dollar General stores.

NOTE: Inverness Medical repackages and distributes the identical test under various store and generic brands such as:

  • CVP Health One Step Pregnancy Test Casette.
  • Dollar General Health One Step Prenancy Test Cassette.
  • First Signal One Step Pregnancy Cassette.
  • Walmart Equate First Signal One Step Pregnancy Test Cassette.
Dollar General Pregnancy Test FDA Records

The FDA’s Registration & Device Listing database identifies Abon Biopharm as a contract manufacturer. The owner of the device is Abbott Diagnostics.

Details about this product are stored under FDA Premarket Submission Number K012215.

Going farther

FDA records indicate that the primary differences between the Paraid Pregnancy Test and the Dollar General Pregnancy Test involve their manufacturers and distributors. These records show that the products have equal sensitivity and accuracy ratings.

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