Dollar General Pregnancy Test Review

You might be pregnant? Continue reading this Dollar General Pregnancy Test review to find out if you want to try this product.

Dollar General Pregnancy Test Review

Does Dollar General sell pregnancy tests?

Yes. In addition to the Dollar General One Step Pregnancy Test, DG sells the Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test and Clearblue Rapid Detection Pregnancy Test.

Just so you know, DG Health One Step Pregnancy Test sensitivity is 25 mIU/ml, enough to test early for pregnancy.

After reading the following FAQ, you’ll find an informative review that will help you shop.

Dollar General Pregnancy Test FAQ

Is this the DG One Step Pregnancy Test?

Yes. The Dollar General Pregnancy Test package describes the test as a “One Step Pregnancy Test.” It is a cassette-based test that uses a dropper to apply urine to the test strip. The Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test, also available from DG, differs from the DG One Step Pregnancy Test in that the Rexall product is an in-stream pregnancy test stick. Dollar General owns the Rexall and DG Health brands.

Can I get a Dollar General Pregnancy Test false positive?

Yes. You might have an above-average natural hCG hormone level. You could get a positive result when you’re not pregnancy. Also, some medical conditions, medications, and treatments might trigger a positive result.

To avoid seeing a dollar general pregnancy test false positive, carefully follow the instructions that come with your test unit. If you have questions, discuss them with a qualified health professional.

What is the DG Health Pregnancy Test sensitivity?

The DG Health Pregnancy Test has a sensitivity of 25 mIU/ml. If you have over 25 milli-International-Units of the hCG pregnancy hormone in 1 milliliter of your urine, the DG Health Pregnancy Test will give you a positive result.

If you shop around, you’ll discover that the Dollar General One Step Pregnancy Test sensitivity matches or exceeds the specifications of most competing brands. In other words, DG Health pregnancy test sensitivity gives you all the confidence you need.

Are Dollar General Pregnancy Tests accurate?

Yes. The DG Pregnancy Test is over 99% accurate from the first day of your expected period. Because of the DG Health One Step Pregnancy Test sensitivity rating, you may get an inaccurate result by testing early.

What company makes the DG Health One Step Pregnancy Test?

Acon Laboratories, Inc. produces the DG Health One Step Pregnancy Test. Dollar General Stores distributes the test nationwide.

How much does the Dollar General Pregnancy Test cost?

If you buy the DG Health One Step Pregnancy Test at a Dollar General store, you should expect to pay $1 for it. Pricing may vary among stores and geographic areas.

Dollar General Pregnancy Test Reviews

Some women who have chosen the DG Health Pregnancy Test have shared their experience in the form of product reviews. Although these reviews come from just a fraction of customers who have used the test, their information can help you make a good buying decision.

DG customers give this pregnancy test 3.9 stars out of a possible five-star rating. Almost three-quarters of users say they would recommend the product to a friend.

Positive product reviews say that the DG test works like marketed brands and provide an exceptional value for the price.

Often, customers advise women to avoid shopping by brand, saying that the Dollar General test was easy to use and provided an accurate result.

Some negative product reviews complain about evap lines, where evaporated urine has splashed and dried on the results window. To some users, the evap complicates the effort to interpret their Dollar General Pregnancy Test results.

Sometimes, women have received a negative result with the DG Pregnancy Test and a positive result with a different brand. Likewise, some potential moms who received a DG positive result got a negative result with other brands.

If you doubt your Dollar General Pregnancy Test results, consult a doctor or similar qualified healthcare professional.

Dollar General Pregnancy Test Review by CPG Health

This is a 25 mIU pregnancy test that’s manufactured by ACON LABORATORIES, INC. and distributed by Dollar General stores. This is a $1 cassette-based pregnancy test.

Our study revealed that this test, otherwise known as the QUIK-CHECK HOME PREGNANCY TEST, provides a fantastic combination of price, quality, and value.

Buying the Dollar General Pregnancy Test

If you want to buy the Dollar General One Step Pregnancy Test, you must get it from your neighborhood Dollar General Store.

If you want to buy a pregnancy test from Amazon, please shop using our Amazon affiliate link. Sorry, the Dollar General test isn’t available from Amazon.

Dollar General: What you’re thinking.

You’re thinking nothing at Dollar General can help you live a better life. The Dollar General Pregnancy Test can save you money while delivering the results you deserve. It has a proven reputation for quality, including sensitivity and accuracy.

Here’s the deal:

Dollar General Pregnancy Test gives you some tangible benefits:

  • Low price. Find out now without breaking the bank. You work hard for your money, so spend it wisely.
  • Easily accessible. Buy the product at practically any Dollar General store.
  • Easy to use. Follow the simple directions that come with the test and you will know how to plan.
  • High accuracy. The DG Health Pregnancy Test is 99% accurate from the day of your expected period. Even so-called “early result” tests such as First Response don’t do any better.
  • High sensitivity. Dollar General Pregnancy Test sensitivity meets or exceeds that of popular national brands.

Dollar Store Pregnancy Test – How Accurate?

You’re like most women. You want to know if you’re pregnant. Without having doubts.

You’re probably wondering:

You can depend on the Dollar General Pregnancy Test to supply you with accurate results if you have properly followed the Dollar General Pregnancy Test instructions.

If you have doubts, repeat the test using a new unit.

Immediately seek medical advice and attention if you have questions about your health, including pregnancy.

Who makes the Dollar General Pregnancy Test?

The Dollar General Pregnancy Test is manufactured by:

San Diego, CA 92121

The official name of the Dollar General Pregnancy Test is: “QUIK-CHECK HOME PREGNANCY TEST.” Acon packages this test for many stores under an assortment of brands.

Could you tell me the mIU for the purple cassette Dollar General One Step HCG pregnancy test that sells for $1? Thank you!

Yes. According to documents filed with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) The Dollar General Pregnancy Test detects hCG concentrations of 25 mIU/ml and greater.

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  • Answers. We answer questions from the community so that everyone can make an educated buying decision.

Do they sell pregnancy tests at Dollar General?

Yes. Dollar General sells pregnancy tests.

The one-step pregnancy test from DG Health is a cassette-based test that comes with a dropper.

Unlike stick-based tests, such as the Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test, you cannot directly insert this test into your urine stream.

Instead, you pee into a cup and use a dropper to apply your urine to the test.

Can you get a false positive pregnancy test while on progesterone?

Yes. You can get a false positive from practically any home test, including the Dollar General Pregnancy Test.

However, remember, these tests detect the hCG pregnancy hormone, not progesterone.

So a false positive caused by progesterone is unlikely. Ask your doctor for more information about this.

How much is the pregnancy test at the dollar store?

What do you mean by “the dollar store?” If you’re talking about Dollar General, you can buy the DG Health One Step Pregnancy Test for $1.

DG also sells the Rexall Pregnancy Test, and a pregnancy test from Clearblue.

Video: DG Health Pregnancy Test Unwrapped

Watch our CPG Health Unwrapped video to see the DG Health Pregnancy Test opened and put on display.

You can also watch this video on the CPG Health YouTube channel.

What is the Dollar General Pregnancy Test?

As an easy-to-use cassette-based product, the DG One Step Pregnancy Test Cassette gives you an affordable, accurate, and reliable way to check for pregnancy.  Your results are over 99% accurate. A result may appear as early as one minute.

Using Your Dollar General Pregnancy Test

Follow the testing procedure as printed in your Dollar General Pregnancy Test instructions to avoid creating invalid and misleading test results.

  1. Urinate into a clean cup. Using a dirty cup can contaminate your sample and invalidate the results you get.
  2. Open the foil pouch that contains the testing cassette.
  3. Holding the dropper vertically, remove urine from your collection cup and place three drops into the sample well of the testing unit. Start your timer.
  4. While your test works, you could see a flow of red crossing the result window. Your positive result might appear within the first minute. Wait for three minutes before attempting to read your test results. If you don’t see a positive result, hold on another minute. Don’t pay attention to any result given after ten minutes.

Reading Your Results

If you see two lines in the results window, you can assume pregnancy.

The line on top shows that you have a valid result.

Don’t worry if one line appears darker than the other.

Even a faint line accurately reveals pregnancy.

A single line in the control window means that you performed the test correctly and had a negative result for pregnancy.

If you don’t see a line in the upper section of the results window, something went wrong with your test.

Don’t reuse your test.

False-positive or negative results can occur. Visit your doctor if you suspect that you received invalid results.

Conditions such as an ovarian cyst or ectopic pregnancy can cause erratic results across multiple tests.

Usually, oral contraceptive drugs and antibiotics won’t affect the results you get from your test.

Dollar General Pregnancy Test: Storage and Handling

Read the entire instructional insert before using your test. Dollar General Pregnancy Test instructions will ensure that you get the best results.

  • Don’t use after the expiration date printed on the foil pouch.
  • Store at room temperature (between 36 and 86 ℉) and don’t freeze.
  • Keep children away from this test.
  • Don’t attempt internal use of this product.
  • Wait until you get ready to check for pregnancy to open the pouch.

Introducing the Dollar General Pregnancy Test

You need to know that the Dollar General Pregnancy Test gives you a convenient, fast, and affordable way to check for pregnancy.


Dollar General pregnancy test features compare to those of expensive nationally marketed brands such as First Response and EPT:

  •  Positive results in as quickly as one minute.
  •  Suitable for use at any time of day.
  •  Easily used as directed.

When you buy the Dollar General Pregnancy Test, you get a test with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

If you don’t like the test, you can call the toll-free number listed on the box to get a refund or replacement.

With this test:

  • You get an accurate test with fast appearing test results.
  •  You don’t have to measure or mix anything to use the test.
  •  The built-in control window helps confirm that you have correctly performed the test.

The box comes with one test cassette, eyedropper, and instruction insert.

Whether you speak Spanish or English, you can read the instructions in your native language.

The test has impressive features:

  • Positive pregnancy test results as soon as one minute.
  • Easy to use.
  • Over 99 percent accuracy.
  • Use at any time of day.
  • A 100 percent satisfaction guarantee (via DG Health).

The DG Health One Step Pregnancy Test contains everything needed for one test:

  • Accurate, rapid test results.
  • No mixing. Requires No measuring. Makes no mess.
  • The built-in self-check tells you if you correctly used it.
  • Contents: One test cassette with a dropper, and one instruction insert.

Editor’s Note

We originally published this DG Health One Step Pregnancy Test review on August 11, 2016. We updated it for accuracy and completeness on August 2, 2019. We again revised this article for relevance on May 3, 2021.

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