Dollar General Pregnancy Test Paraid

You can find Dollar General Pregnancy Test Paraid in the one-dollar section of your nearby DG store. Actually, availability may vary based on your location, so you might not find Para-Aid in every store.

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Dollar General Pregnancy Test Paraid

If you’ve shopped for a pregnancy test at Dollar General, you’ve probably seen products from Clearblue, DG Home, and Rexall. You’ll find those brands in DG’s health and beauty aisle.

If you look in the one-dollar section of the store, you have a good chance of finding a Paraid Pregnancy Test. That’s where we found ours.

Paraid FAQ

I looked for the Dollar General pregnancy test Paraid, but couldn’t find it. Where is it?

We’ve noticed that the Paraid Pregnancy Test, which is correctly spelled, Para-Aid Pregnancy Test, is often not placed in the pregnancy test section of Dollar General. So, if you don’t find it there, look for it in sections elsewhere in the store that also feature other types of low-cost products.

I still can’t find Dollar General pregnancy test Para-Aid. What should I do?

Order the Para-Aid Pregnancy Test (aka, Paraid Pregnancy Test) from Amazon using our link. When you do, you’ll get the lowest price (three tests for $6.70) and help support CPG Health.

Is Paraid registered with the U.S. FDA?

Yes. The manufacturer of the test is Nantong Egens Biotechnology Co. Look for FDA documents that discuss the EGENS ONE STEP HCG URINE PREGNANCY TEST. K123050 is the primary FDA document for this product.

What can I learn from the FDA about Paraid?

You can visit the FDA to learn more about the Paraid Pregnancy Test from Natong Egens.

You’ll find scientific data regarding:

The FDA also has data regarding the testing methods used to approve the Paraid Test for OTC sale.

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