Does Dollar General Sell Pregnancy Tests?

You’re wondering whether Dollar General (DG Health) has pregnancy tests. We visited a nearby Dollar General Store to find the answer to your question. The store had shelf space for pregnancy tests, but the store did not have any pregnancy tests.

While DG “sells” pregnancy tests, you can only get a pregnancy test there if they happen to have some in stock.

How much do pregnancy tests cost at Dollar General?

DG may have the following pregnancy tests available for the following prices:

  • Clearblue Pregnancy Test Digital 1ct, $9.95.
  • First Response Pregnancy Test Early Results 1ct, $7.00.
  • Rexall A0721 One Step Pregnancy Test 1 ct, $4.50.
  • Rexall A0722 One Step Pregnancy Test 2 ct, $7.50.
  • DG Health A0241 PregTest Pregnancy 1 ct, $1.00

As in the above photograph, availability of pregnancy tests at Dollar General may vary based on the store you visit. If the store has pregnancy tests, you may discover DG as a convenient source for pregnancy tests.

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