Clinical Guard 25 Pregnancy Tests Early Detection Strips

Right now, Clinical Guard 25 Pregnancy Tests Early Detection Strips – Sensitive & Accurate Measurement Within 5 mins – Early Detection Pregnancy Test Strip – Easy to Use for Home Tests – HCG Test Strip Kit is the 8th most popular pregnancy test on Amazon.

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  • Product features: The pregnancy test strips are sensitive, fast, accurate, clear, and cost-effective. They can detect HCG levels as low as 25mlU/ml within 5 minutes and show results with color bands. They are easy to use with three simple steps and come in a value pack of 25 individually sealed strips.
  • Product brand: The product is from Clinical Guard, a trusted brand that specializes in providing quality pregnancy and ovulation test strips to women who are trying to conceive. Clinical Guard has a commitment to accuracy, ease of use, and affordability.
  • Product delivery: The product offers free shipping for Amazon Prime members. In many areas, next-day delivery is available.
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How to use clinical guard pregnancy test?

Ease of Use – Take just three easy steps to discover your actual results. Immerse the early detection strip of the pregnancy test in urine up to the MAX line for 5 seconds, and then lay it flat on a clean surface; wait for 5 minutes for results.

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